Experience Thailand Travel 3 Days 2 Nights With the Cheapest Price

In Asia, Thailand is one of the attractive destinations that many tourists choose to travel to. If you are planning to travel here, do not miss this article. This article will tell you the cheapest 3 days 2 nights Thailand travel experience.


Because going to Thailand is only 3 days, you don't need to prepare too many clothes, so bringing about 3 to 4 sets is enough. Light, comfortable clothing should be preferred, although Thailand's weather during these months is also quite cool. In addition to comfortable clothes, you should also wear shoes or sandals because you have to move a lot!

Although the clothes needn't be prepared much, the necessary items, you should prepare quite carefully. In which, personal items such as toothpaste, brush, shampoo, shower gel, waterproof bag (in case of rain), power bank, oral medicine (headache, fever, stomachache) then I bring it all. Note that you are NOT allowed to bring cosmetics and utensils with a capacity larger than 100ml. If you bring it, it will also be left at the airport!


If you have been planning to go to Thailand for a long time, you should research the promotions of airlines to "hunt" cheap flight tickets. If not, you can also book air tickets (round-trip) about 2-3 months in advance to buy cheap air tickets. There are many discount codes, coupons when you book airline tickets on airfare websites, you should take advantage to save costs.


With tourist attractions, you should book tickets in advance so that you don't have to spend a lot of time waiting in line, sometimes you can buy cheaper tickets. I have a plan to go to Sea Life in advance, so I have booked tickets to visit in advance, just need to show the ticket, it's very fast.

Currently, many reputable tickets service sites offer both prestige and promotion, sometimes even cheaper than the real thing. When you buy tickets on these sites there will be a lot of discount codes, coupons that save you a lot of money.


How much money do you need to travel to Thailand? The currency Thailand uses is Baht, you should change money in your country in advance for more convenient spending. About the place to change money, you can go to the bank or the gold shop that has foreign currency to change money, I decided to change it at the gold shop because the exchange rate is similar but less waiting than the Bank.

In addition, in Thailand many places also accept USD, you should also bring USD to save money when coming to Thailand. Note that you should not bring money greater than 3000 USD.


One of the things that makes Thailand so popular is that it has many convenient means of transportation. In it, you can travel by BTS, MRT, bus, taxi or motorbike taxi.

Another famous vehicle in Thailand that you need to be wary of when choosing to move, is the tuk-tuk. Because tuk-tuk drivers often have a "trick" of "screaming" very high prices or leading you to pre-connected shopping stores instead of driving you to the original rendezvous point.

A strong piece of advice for you is to travel by BTS train, so you should book a BTS One day pass in advance. This is a pretty useful train ticket, allowing passengers to go to multiple stations on the same day for about 140 Baht. Traveling by BTS is very convenient, avoiding traffic jams and traveling between locations very quickly, but also cool.


There are many hotels near tourist areas to choose from. One of those proposals is the White Lodge hotel. Although the room is not big, it has its toilet, every day there is a very clean room. The biggest plus point is that the hotel is located near the BTS station, so it is very convenient for transportation. There is a convenience store at the beginning of the alley, so you can shop for some sundries when needed. If you intend to travel by BTS, you should choose a hotel close to the BTS station. Because going all day is exhausting but also having to walk a long distance is quite tiring!


Thailand’s food is not to be discussed, it must be said that it is "delicious", for foodies like me, this is an extremely rich and attractive dining paradise. Thai food is mainly spicy, fatty, and sweet. Coming to Thailand is a must-try folk dish such as mango sticky rice, papaya salad, spicy Thai hot pot, fruit, and seafood with extremely attractive sauces. If you want to enjoy traditional dishes, full of the Thai flavor, you can't miss the street food stalls or busy traditional markets.


Besides souvenirs and handicrafts, when traveling to Thailand, you can also buy fashion items, accessories, confectionery, food, packaged specialties., when buying in the land of the Golden Temple, do not forget to consult the price carefully before deciding to buy. Because not all shopping malls in Thailand offer affordable prices and you can "pay the price" if you feel that the price is not reasonable.


Above is an article about the cheapest 3 days 2 nights Thailand travel experience. Hopefully, the article will help you have the necessary information to prepare for the most complete trip to Thailand. Wish you have happy travel moments.

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