Here’s The Actual Reason Hiring A Plumber Is So Expensive


Have you ever hired a plumber to get your toilet unclogged and were surprised with the bill they gave you at the end? You’re not alone. Many people are baffled by the standard prices that plumbers charge, because they consider it a blue-collar job that is easy to do. However, the reality is that plumbing is not as simple as it looks. 

Our Houses Would Fall Apart Without Plumbers

It’s practically a cliche, where the husband refuses to pay a plumber to do a simple job, only to find that they’ve flooded the bathroom because of a minor mistake in their attempts to remove stuck tub spout fixtures or change a faucet. The truth is, many of us are unable to handle minor repairs around our home without making matters worse. That’s one of the main reasons we need plumbers to come and handle simple tasks - because we don’t know how to.

Plumbing Is A Highly Specialized Trade

Although plumbing may have started out as a simple trade, advances in the industry and technology in general have made it a highly specialized trade. It is not an easy industry to perform well in, and plumbers spend thousands of hours trying to learn the intricacies of their trade. Many of the “inexpensive” plumbers are usually amateurs that have yet to master the trade properly, and you may be better off fixing things yourself (with the aid of YouTube tutorials) than hiring a cheap plumber.

Extra Costs That Plumbers Need To Take Into Account

Plumbers can’t fix things with their bare hands. They need tools, and a lot of materials that they need to replenish from time to time. Also, because the nature of their jobs is that they should make house calls. Most plumbers will need to maintain a car, pay its insurance, repairs, and gas money. These are costs that you probably aren’t accounting for when you hire them, but they will need to manage anyway. 

Plumbing Can Be Really Hard Work

A lot of the work a plumber does requires them to step down below the sink, for long periods of time. The job actually has a lot of manual labor, not to mention the fact that they need to deal with sewage (and the putrid smells) often. More often than you’d think they will get messy and wet, even if they are careful to try and avoid it. The job is certainly not as labor intensive as construction, but it certainly isn’t a sedentary job and there is a lot of messiness involved. 

In the end, you should know that plumbers deserve the rates they ask, especially if they are highly experienced masters of their trade that own a shop. They have the right to ask higher prices, so long as they are reasonably within the standards that other plumbers in your area are asking. It is highly advisable to avoid plumbers with cheaper rates because you’re going to get what you paid for.

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