How Can Automotive Courses Help You to Get a Successful Career in Australia?

How Can Automotive Courses Help You to Get a Successful Career in Australia?

The automotive industry is an indispensable part of boosting the economy. The advancement in technology is giving rise to new automobile parts every day. Therefore, pursuing automotive training in Perth can help you keep updated with the industry norms.

What Does An Automotive Course Include?

Automotive courses are a part of engineering. A wide range of subjects is taught as part of the automotive courses. The courses will teach you about mobility design following aesthetics. The course comprises automotive materials, electronics and electricals. Students are expected to gain knowledge about the mechanics in engineering and thermodynamics. Students will also become aware of fuels and lubricants. 

Moreover, automotive courses focus on imparting knowledge about manufacturing technology. Automotive courses also entail information about the strength of IC engines and gas turbines, vehicle dynamics and automotive chassis. An integral part of automotive courses includes teaching students about vehicle maintenance and repair. The other topics under automotive courses are designs of automotive components and the concepts of auto refrigeration and air conditioning.

Do You Want To Become An Automotive Engineer?      

To become an automotive engineer, one has to pursue a degree in automotive engineering from any of the esteemed colleges in Australia. You have to be a minimum of 18 years old to pursue these courses. You can follow this course only after having 12 years of Australian schooling or equivalent. If you are an international student planning to study automotive courses in Australia, you will have to achieve an IELTS score of 5.5 or above. 

The automotive courses in Australia teach students the practical application of knowledge related to cars and other machinery. The curriculum of the courses is vast, focusing on diagnosing problems in automobiles and repairing them. The automotive courses can offer a steady career path to students. The automotive courses are the right choice for people who want to see a promising future.

The courses will help students to acquire awareness about the various mechanical and electrical systems. It will help in gaining expertise regarding the end to end functioning of different electrical and mechanical devices. The industry offers plenty of job opportunities to make an average of $1500 per week. Skilled candidates have multiple options for visas. Individuals who have experience and relevant skills can also make use of self-employment opportunities. 

You can check out the following automotive courses to study in Australia:

    • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology- This course helps students learn how to perform mechanical work in the light vehicle repair and service industry.  

    • Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology- This course teaches students to understand the requirements of the heavy machinery industry and work accordingly. This course is mandatory to become a technician for heavy commercial vehicles. 

    • Diploma of Automotive Management- This diploma of automotive management course offers training in designing and repairing automobiles with the use of the latest technology. 

    • Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis- This course equips you with the skills required to become a master technician. You will learn how to repair complex faults in this course. 

    • Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical- This will offer you a post-trade level qualification for automobile repairing. This course will help in honing your technical skills, therefore, making you an expert at repairing electrical faults.  

Career Options After Pursuing Automotive Courses

After attaining a degree in any of the automotive courses, you can choose the following career options:

Car Designer

You can become a car designer after completing an automotive course. Car designers work to develop innovative car designs. The skills learned in automotive courses help car designers to design a car keeping in mind specific criteria. The car designers have to take into consideration factors such as spaciousness and mobility. The duty of a car designer is to make unique designs that are appealing to the customers as well as practical. It is also essential for a car designer to remember that the creation of the car needs to be environment-friendly and affordable. The median salary of a car designer is $65,500 annually.    

Automobile Designer

The job role of an automobile designer is to components and appearance of automobiles. The parts of road vehicles, such as trucks, motorbikes and buses, are also designed by automobile designers. Automobile designers are also responsible for the functional development of cars. The mechanical, electronic, electric and safety aspects of an automobile are also taken care of by automobile designers. Automobile designers receive an hourly salary of $62 in Australia. 

Executive And Managerial Positions

The vocational courses in Perth imparting lessons in automotive engineering also help in securing a job in executive and managerial positions. The corporate world demands automotive engineers in administrative functions to supervise the operations of a company. Automotive engineers are likely to secure top-level jobs in the MNCs of the world. The salary of automotive engineers at top-level positions is determined on the basis of their skills and experience.

Automotive Design Technicians

Automotive design technicians can develop a very secure career. People pursuing a career as an automotive design technician do not have to look back. It is a successful career option for many in Australia. An automotive design technician can set up an auto body shop after gaining adequate experience. The salary package of automotive design technicians is excellent. The automotive design technicians receive other benefits in the form of incentives. However, owning your own auto body shop will bring you an abundance of freedom. 

Automotive Mechanics

Automotive mechanics perform the duty of repairing your vehicles. Automotive mechanics are skilled at diagnosing the problems with a car and providing viable solutions. Automotive mechanics mend the critical mechanical components of a car after acquiring training in car mechanic courses. The car mechanic courses help in installing parts and identifying the issues involved in the electrical wiring and pieces of equipment. 

The automotive courses offer a wide variety of career options. You can get your degree from a reputed college in Australia and build a successful career in this field. 




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