Questions to Ask Before Buying Used Scooters


Scooters have always been a convenient mode of transportation for many. Not only do they offer ease of transportation but prove to be economical as well. According to the report published in Statista, “The sales reached an all-time high as of 2019 when India's auto industry sold some 21 million units. This figure is almost double the 2011 sales when just 11.77 million two-wheeler units were sold in India.” It is of no wonder that used scooters are in a lot of demand as well.

You can explore the used market as well to find your favorite scoter at the best prices to buy. Though there are many doubts and questions which start to creep in once you decide to go for used scooters. You will be glad to know that, today, you can get top branded scooters with ease. All you have to do is follow the checklist mentioned below and you will be good to go to buy the top scooter within your set of requirements.

All the top brands such as Honda, Bajaj, Yamaha, Hero, TVS, and others have got their scooters in the market. All are competitively priced with a list of exciting features. This is where the confusion creeps in. How are you supposed to decide which one is the best for your requirement?

Here is the answer:

Questions to ask before buying used scooter

When it comes to buying second hand scooty, the two important questions that trouble every potential buyer are condition and performance. Gone are the times when you had to put your trust into the words of the seller or middlemen, today, you can check out any of the online automobile marketplaces to find answers to your questions for free!

Here are the things that you need to ask for when buying a used scooter:

  • Is the selling price fair?

It is expected of a seller to quote a higher selling price for their scooter. However, the price is dependent upon many factors which do not include the whims of a seller. This is where the used vehicle valuation tool comes to the rescue of potential buyers. With a minimal set of vehicle information such as Make, Model, Year, Kms driven, etc. you can find the fair market price of any vehicle within seconds for free.

Make sure that you check out the fair market price of a used scooter before you commit to buying any.

  • Are all the documents in place?

Vehicle documents carry an important set of information which gets you all the detail into the authenticity of the information provided by the seller and also about the vehicle. You can check Registration details if the vehicle has been blacklisted, the number of previous owners and service records to know about the maintenance or worn-out/faulty components. In case of any faulty part, you can negotiate for a lower selling price to get the respective component repaired.

  • What about the performance reports?

One of the major pain points of the traditional buying/selling of used vehicles was the true performance of the vehicle. While a seller will always talk about top performance, buyers had to either take professional assistance or simply, put trust into the words of the sellers. When you go online to check the listed scooters, you can check out the performance metrics. The evaluation is carried out by the trained industry professionals to make sure that the buyers get the best scooters for their purchase.

These are the prominent set of questions for which you need to find answers.

Online platforms have made the whole journey for the buyers and sellers a seamless one. From checking out the fair market price to finding all about the vehicle, you get top sources to get the best scooters.

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