The New Trend In Cosmetic Surgery?

Removal Of The Bichat Bubble

The trend of feminine beauty has now exploded in the United States that corresponds to faces like that of the supermodel Bella Hadid or Kendall Jenner, which appear particularly hollowed in the cheeks and with pronounced cheekbones.

Aesthetic canons vary like fashion and each era has its prototype of beauty which, in this period is represented by the divas of the moment, clearly different from their colleagues a few years ago who showed their charm more like a doll with a round face and softer strokes.

Angular cheekbones, square chin and sunken cheeks, these are the characteristics of the perfect modern woman and cosmetic surgery plays a fundamental role in achieving these results, starting first of all with the definition of the oval of the face through the removal of the Bichat bubble.

Perhaps not everyone knows that Bichat bubbles are adipose accumulations positioned between the cheekbones and the jaw that in children are always quite accentuated, giving them the classic delicious chubby face.

With the passage of time these fat pads tend to decrease, but there are cases where they remain even in adulthood and therefore, regardless of body weight, the face remains round, a feature that especially girls less and less like.

This is why the so-called bichectomy, that is the cosmetic surgery intervention aimed at eliminating Bichat bubbles, has become a fashion that attracts a large number of people who want to look in the mirror and see their thinner and more angular face.

The BBL surgery is not a particularly invasive operation and the incisions are made inside the mouth, without leaving any visible marks, but it is important that it is performed by an expert cosmetic surgeon, to avoid disastrous consequences such as injury to the facial nerves or salivary glands.

A good professional, however, does not run these dangers to his patients and performs the surgery under local anesthesia with sedation, but to see the final result, it will be necessary to wait a couple of months, when the post-operative swelling will have disappeared.

As with all surgical interventions, bichectomy should only be performed when there are the right indications both in terms of healthcare solutions and as regards the actual presence of fat, which can only be assessed through a careful specialist visit.

Knees In Shape With Liposculture

Did you know that even the knees are affected by too many years? In fact, like any other part of the body, our knees also suffer, on an aesthetic level, the effects of the passage of time.

In particular, the main imperfections that characterize this area of ​​our body are small accumulations of fat and loss of skin tone. There are those who try to improve the appearance of the knees with healthy nutrition and physical activity but the desired results are not always obtained.

This is why an excellent solution to give a new tone and general harmony to the legs is liposculpture, an aesthetic intervention that allows you to reshape the knee area.

In particular, the procedure aims to redefine the knees by removing, through a suction cannula, portions of excess adipose tissue that characterize the area.

The liposculpture surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation and lasts about 20 minutes.

To ensure a good result, it is important that the operation be performed by a professional. The risk is in fact linked to the possible excessive aspiration of the adipose tissue which could generate an emptying of the area with further loss of tone and sagging skin.

Smart Botulinum: 3 Things To Know About The Innovative Anti-aging Treatment

Expression lines are the most common blemish on our face that affects men and women of all ages. The desire to eliminate them is not uncommon! In fact, it is not only women who want to erase the signs of aging, because men also give importance to aesthetics and do not hide the desire to keep a more youthful and fresh look. To do this, aesthetic medicine is the most sought after solution, in particular for its Botox sessions.

This substance has always represented the treatment par excellence for the correction of the much hated crow's feet, glabellar wrinkles and those of the forehead and in recent years its infiltration technique has undergone an important turning point.

We are talking about the “Smart Botox”, an innovative version of the classic outpatient procedure that reserves considerable advantages. Here are which ones!

1. A preview of the results thanks to a winning combination

No more Botox with physiological solution but Botox mixed with lidocaine, a new combination that allows the patient to preview what the final results of the treatment will be. Generally, before evaluating the benefits of the session, it is in fact necessary to wait 5-6 days to know what the new appearance will be. In this way, however, with the new smart technique, the patient can immediately after infiltration obtain a preview of about 30 minutes of the advantages of Botox.

2.An advantage also for the doctor

The botulinum-lidocaine combination is not only advantageous for the patient but also for the doctor who, thanks to the preview obtainable after the infiltration, will be able to correct any facial asymmetries in advance. Normally this can be done only after a few days from the session, when the Botox has acted and the results will be visible.

3. No pain and no discomfort during treatment

The lidocaine used for the treatment of smart botulinum is an anesthetic that does not lose its primary function during the session. Therefore the patient will not feel any discomfort during the infiltration of the substance.

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