Things I Take To Vacation Homes

Things I Take To Vacation Homes


My job requires that I travel a lot, and so I spend a lot of time in vacation homes. With time, I realized that if I want to really enjoy my stay, I can’t always depend on the lodging I’m staying at to provide the facilities and amenities I want and need. So, I started to bring my own. Here are a few things that I bring to vacation homes with me to make the most of my stay. 

If Needed, I Bring A Hot Tub

Even if the place I’m staying at has a swimming pool, very few have a hot tub. If I know that I’ll spend more than a week in a vacation home, then I get my own hot tub with me. Don’t assume that this is costly because even the best portable hot tub is considered affordable by middle class earners. You can certainly opt for cheaper models. It adds a touch of luxury to my vacation, as it allows me to relax at the end of the night. Especially if I plan to go hiking on my trip, the hot tub comes with me. There’s nothing like a soak after a long hike.

Note: ask permission to bring it with you, and try to get the smallest size possible so that you aren’t using up a lot of water and electricity during your stay. I’ve met the occasional airbnb owner that would agree if they could raise the price a little, which was always reasonable in my opinion. They are going to cover the cost of running the tub after all. 

Always Bring Your Own Toiletries

Yes, hotels and vacation homes are likely to provide you with the basics like soap and shampoo. However, I’m quite particular about the type of toiletries I use, and my skin is a little sensitive to changes. You can get travel size bottles to carry small amounts of your favorite shampoo, shower gel, lotion, and anything else you use. Keep them ready before your trip, and you never have to use that funny smelling hotel soap again. In my mind, they are there for emergencies when you’ve forgotten or run out, but you aren’t meant to depend on them for daily use.

A Travel Iron

There’s no reason not to look presentable when you’re on vacation. Sure, it doesn’t matter when you’re hiking. But what if you want to go out for dinner? A compact travel iron helps me look my best wherever I am, without worrying about the cost of renting an iron or the availability of one, to begin with. They even come with a steam function, so I find that I can use it on any type of clothing. 

With these few items, I feel like my travels are always luxurious no matter where I am staying (or how cheap). They may not be essential, but they elevate my stay to make it more enjoyable, and I can give a five star review to the lodging because I appreciated its positive features instead of focusing on what I wanted that wasn’t there. 

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