Tips to Change Your Mindset About Exercise

In order to give results, your exercise needs to be systemic and regular but this is harder than it looks. Like with the majority of other bad habits, a sedentary lifestyle is hard to abandon. People know that this is bad, they are aware that they should do something about it, they even make attempts to make this change. After all, this is why gyms are full every January. So, what stops them from succeeding? The answer is simple – they lack the motivation to do something so hard in the long run. In order to do so, you need to adopt the right mindset. Here are several tips to help you out.

1.      Pick something you actually like

A lot of people are too obsessed with effectiveness. For instance, some studies show that weightlifting burns more calories than cardio. However, if you enjoy running and loath lifting weights, the situation is far more complex than just comparing potential gains (or fat losses). Lifting weights for two weeks and then dropping this just because you’re bored will burn infinitely fewer calories than running regularly for six months straight.

In other words, when it comes to physical transformation, consistency is the most important. Personal preferences will help you achieve this consistency far more reliably.

2.      Customize your workout regimen

Previously, we’ve talked about a scenario where people dislike lifting weights. Now, lifting weights is a broad term. There are so many exercises, some of which you will like. According to fitness experts behind Soul Train gym, having a plethora of options can help you customize your training regimen. Sure, a barbell can provide you with an opportunity for (more or less) a full-body workout. However, some people feel more comfortable with alternative exercises. Also, the availability of specialist trainers can help you out quite a bit.

3.      Balance your diet

One of the biggest problems with motivation is the fact that you’ll have to wait for the results of your hard work. If you balance your diet from the start, the results will come a lot sooner. You see, when it comes to physical transformation, you will often hear quotes like:

·         Abs are made in the kitchen.

·         You can’t outrun a bad diet.

The thing is that these quotes serve as an accurate representation of the situation that you’re in. Without regulating your diet, you will be in a situation where, while you are getting stronger, faster, more resilient, etc., you’re not seeing the physical transformation that you were hoping for. On the other hand, by seeing results immediately, you will get all the intrinsic motivation you need.

4.      First five minutes

Mike Tyson talked about his old trainer Cus D’Amato and how he claimed that discipline is doing something that you hate as you loved it. Now, this mindset is quite extreme for anyone who is not a professional athlete, however, there’s some truth to the fact.

A lot of times, it takes merely five minutes of forced labor for your mind to switch to autopilot and push it to the end. This is also one of the reasons why people advocate going to the gym (as opposed to working out at home). The very fact that you drove all the way there means that you might as well do it. Also, for people who do desk jobs, breaking the monotony is one of the prerequisites to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

5.      Realistic expectations and measuring your progress

The most important thing about exercise is that you start with realistic expectations. If you expect to be ripped for the summer, even though summer is just 4 weeks away, you’re in for the disappointment. So, make sure to set your goals for next year (or at least several months in the future).

Next, people who start working out have a tendency to always look at the mirror or to step on a scale several times every day. The problem with this mindset is the fact that you won’t see much progress once your mind gets accustomed to these slight changes.

So, the way to overcome this is to measure and record your progress. If you want to measure yourself on a daily basis, make sure to do this early in the morning (every day at the same time and in a similar outfit). Also, make sure to note it down. When it comes to body transformation, take photos in the same pose and similar outfit on a regular basis (regular intervals). This is the only unbiased way to see the difference.

In conclusion

The very last thing you need to understand is that it’s all up to you. You need to understand why this is good, why this is necessary, and why this is something that you actually want. Once you manage to explain all of this to yourself, it will become a lot easier to push through. The above-listed tips will help you out immensely in this regard.

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