Which Career is better Digital Marketing or Data Science?

 Honestly both have no relation if you want to peruse a career into. But as a course if you want to persue it totally depends on what you want to pursue as both are totally different fields. Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing where you increase your brand value (Branding) and publish your products online by using different boosting techniques. Final conclusion is to maximize your sell or profit through online mode and reach to consumers and display them about your brand.

In Digital Marketing you have to cover topics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google Ads, Social Media Ads, Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Email Marketing, SMS and Whatsapp Marketing, Content Management System and so on…

I guess its very easy to study and understand but required more time to excel as lots of practice requires.

Data Science is totally a different field where you have loads…loads of study. You have to study Statistics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Mathematics’, Programming Language like Python or R, SQL, No SQL, Big Data, Databases, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning Algorithms, Deep Learning and so on…

Other than this no one tell us Data Science requires lot of Domain knowledge in any one field that means knowledge in Marketing, Finance, Ecommerce, so on. (You have to choose any one field and expert in it thats where they are seeking for Masters or Phd in any field).

Timeline to study -

Digital Marketing takes around 6 - 8 months to study.

Data Science takes around 2 years minimum to study.

(This depends on person and how much it study and both required lots of practice and will make you expert in it)

Most important don’t fall to prey advertisements from classes they will tell it’s easy to learn Data Science and in 3 Months you will get expert its totally wrong and it’s a way to earn money from students who fall prey on this gimmicks. Believe me it will require lot of time and patience and hard work and lot of study to become a Data Scientist and its difficult to get job as a Data Scientist as they require Masters or PHD at least.

In Digital Marketing also same thing is happening but it’s very easy to understand and get a job also. Even you can do Freelancing and earn a lot of money out of it.

Digital marketing jobs were very rewarding back in 2017. An average digital marketing fresher used to make ₹ 23,000 - ₹ 25,000/month in India

But, now that you can find a digital marketer in every nuke and corner of India. The initial digital marketing salary of freshers is getting very competitive. It ranges between ₹ 15,000 - ₹ 18,000/month.

the beginning stage, then onwards it's your skills and past experience that carries you forward. In managerial level you can earn ₹ 50k to ₹ 80k.

Growth is unlimited only if you are a worth Digital Marketer.

 Data Science is vast and difficult field if you are not from that domain (but with lot of hard work in 2 years you can become a expert and get good job). It’s difficult to get a job as criteria are too high. But you can work as a Analyst or Database Manager. (Engineers or Statistics Masters can become Data Scientist easily than others)

An accomplished Data Scientist, IT with 10-19 years of experience acquires a normal absolute remuneration of ₹1,747,282.
Analytics Jobs will give you a deep understanding of the salary structure data scientist salary in india and will also get you started for this domain.

Data Scientists are the highest paid jobs of the decade a candidate knowing about python procures Rs. 10.20L yearly.
Predictive modeling joined with big Data brings about a considerable blend of a range of abilities. A candidate with Big Data and Data Science abilities gains Rs. 13.10L yearly when contrasted with an applicant with just big Data abilities who wins Rs. 9.80 L yearly.

An entry-level Data Scientist, IT with under 1-year of experience can hope to acquire a normal all-out pay of ₹550,000. An early vocation Data Scientist, IT with 1-4 years of experience gains a normal all-out pay of ₹605,552. A mid-career Data Scientist, IT with 5-9 years of experience gains a normal all-out remuneration of ₹993,293. 

Digital Marketing is less difficult than Data Science and you can learn it easily and get a job easily too.

In both fields as you move you get experience and along with time you become expert.

Finally both the fields are different but at the same time challenging and required hard work to achieve excellence. Its matter of choice and interest area of yours. Don’t go with the flow but follow your heart or instinct. (Advertisements are really manipulative at a times and confuse you with their Marketing gimmick like more jobs are available for Data Scientist or Digital Marketing or something like best 21st century job and blah blah…don’t go with that as your money and time both are invested in that. So choose wisely)

Let’s have a look and detailed knowledge about AWS certification training

Conclusion: IT industry for the career is vast choosing best in which you should have interest is very crucial and research topic. 

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