Ken Julian Gives a Brief Spring-Cleaning Checklist for The Roof


Ken Julian Gives a Brief Spring-Cleaning Checklist for The Roof

As the trees spring into bloom and weather begins to get a bit warmer, families start spending more time in the lawn and garden. To make sure that the outdoors is in proper shape, spring cleaning projects are carried out by most families. These projects include cleaning the garage, planting a garden, giving a makeover to the landscape and so on. Ken Julian mentions that in addition to carrying out all these tasks, it is also important to properly clean roof, especially after the harsh winter months. Doing so can help extend its longevity and aid the homeowners to check for any roof damage as well.

For years spring time has been closely linked to cleaning and sprucing up homes. For apartment residents, spring cleaning can imply to getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff they have hoarded throughout the year, having their carpets professionally cleaned, and so on.  Ken Julian points out that the task list for people living in an independent villa or bungalow is a bit longer. In addition to cleaning their air vents and hardwood floors, such homeowners would need to take care of their lawn and roof as well.  The roof of a house especially has to deal with harsh weather conditions, including winter snowfall, and hence requires proper care and maintenance.

Here are a few aspects of roof spring cleaning that homeowners should take care of, according to Ken Julian:

  • Clean the gutters: Dirt, leaves, twigs, and other types of debris may clog the gutter over the fall. If they have not been cleaned out prior to the winters, then snow and rain might make the clogs worse. Clogged drains may cause foundation damage and roof leaks. Unfortunately, in areas with harsh winters and heavy snowfall, homeowners are not able to properly clean their gutters during the winter months. Hence, they need to positively do so as soon as the springtime sets in. For the best outcomes, it is important to call professionals to will competently remove all debris. They usually run a hose through the gutters and down the downspout in order to let the water flush out any leftover debris.
  • Clean the roof: Bird droppings, grime, mildew and moss, all of which can compromise roofing material. Moreover, they even hamper the appearance of the roof. To make sure that such debris does not weakens the integrity of the roof, it is important to get them cleaned properly. For this purpose, using the right cleaning agent is extremely important. One must try to stay away from pure bleach that may not only string away from the color of the roofing material, but may even damage it as well.  Pressure cleaners especially can damage roofing shingles, and hence it is better to use a garden sprayer or hose instead.

One should also look for gaps and signs of damage on their roof during the cleaning process, and contact professional roofers for repairs if needed.

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