Everything that you Need to know About TREND LINE

A trend line is a price movement boundary line for an asset in finance. It occurs when a diagonal line can be traced between three or more price pivot points. A line may be drawn between any two locations, but it is not a trend line unless it is tested. As a result, the third point, the test, is required. When trading securities, trend lines are often utilized to determine entry and exit timing. They are also known as a Dutch line because the notion originated in Holland.


Trend lines are angled lines that are used to determine a trend and aid in trading choices. Trend lines are drawn under the price in an uptrend and above the price in a decline. Two lows must be joined by a straight line to construct a trend line in an uptrend.


A linear trendline often indicates that something is rising or declining at a consistent rate. A linear trendline clearly illustrates that refrigerator sales have continuously increased over a 13-year period in the following example. The R-squared score is 0.9036, indicating that the line fits the data well.


Trendlines, also known as lines of best fit or regression lines, graphically depict patterns in data sets and are frequently used in prediction charts. A trendline is a line or curve that links or passes through two or more points in a series to demonstrate a trend.


The pattern shows that as time passes, so do grades. To make a trend line, draw a line on the graph that corresponds to the data's slope. Here is the scatter plot with a trend line added to approximate the data. The trend line can be used to estimate variables such as time.


A trendline equation is a formula that determines which line best matches the data points. The R-squared value indicates the dependability of a trendline; the closer R2 is to 1, the better the trendline matches the data.

PLOTING TREND LINE • Choose a chart.

·         Click the Plus button at the upper right of the chart.

·       Choose Trendline. Please keep in mind that Excel only displays the Trendline option if you pick a chart with more than one data series without first choosing a data series.

·       Select any data series parameters you wish in the Add Trendline dialogue box, then click OK. 


The trendline is one of the most significant tools that technical analyzers employ. A trendline assists technical analysts in determining the current price direction of the market. The trend, according to technical experts, is your friend, and detecting this trend is the first stage in the process of making a profitable trade.


A legitimate trend line requires at least two tops or bottoms, but it takes THREE to validate a trend line. The more STEEPER the trend line, the less dependable it will be and the more probable it will break.


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