Amazing Kitchen Design Trends in 2021


Amazing Kitchen Design Trends in 2021

We’ll start by saying that 2021 is a great year to remodel your kitchen. Why? Because it brought so many exciting new trends to suit any budget - from more costly ones, such as marble countertops and floors, to simple and creative ones, such as open shelves and the sink skirt revival. Regardless of your budget and style, there is a big pool of options to choose from and dive into.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and many people’s favorite room. The requirement for it to be practical and clean does not have to prevent you from getting creative when it comes to remodeling. From when you are sipping your morning coffee to when you are entertaining guests over dinner, you want your kitchen to be warm and inviting, but also look contemporary. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest trends and how you can apply them to your space.


Tiles and Grout

Choosing new tiles can be a pain, and to match the grout even worse. However, this year’s tile trends are so simple and creative, and there are many exciting options that will make this otherwise boring activity a delight. A good tile and grout combination can drastically change the appearance of a kitchen.

One of the most convenient trends is combining lighter-colored tiles with darker grout. You can pick simple white tiles and apply black grout in between. Not only are white tiles simple to find and inexpensive, but black grout, unlike the white variety that immediately starts getting gray from the cooking, will always look fresh.

Another trend that can be used both in the kitchen and in the bathroom is black tiles with black grout. It is a trend from the 90s that is now reimagined in many different finishes and tile shapes. It looks so modern and stylish.

Finally, you can get a little more adventurous and pick round or hexagon tiles, and combine them with grout of any possible color. Who says that you cannot make a design statement with tiles and grout?

Gold Finish Tapware

Tapware comes in so many different styles, colors, and finishes, and it is one of the easiest things to renew in the kitchen without spending a lot of money. The sink is also not to be forgotten, as it has lately grown in importance in kitchen design. A shiny sink and taps are always noticed and contribute greatly to the overall aesthetics.

If you want to follow the latest tapware trends, opt for gold finishes. Taking into account some appropriate color combinations, installing a new brushed gold faucet can really become the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Trending Wall Colors

For your bedroom wall, it is important that you choose a color that you like, regardless of the trends, because this is a private room dedicated to your rest and relaxation. On the other hand, we believe that the kitchen is the exact opposite. Not that you have to choose a color that you dislike, but you can be a little more experimental with your color to impress your guests. If you do not like a color, you can easily repaint it.

Black walls, surfaces, and cabinetry are a huge 2021 trend. It might seem too daring, but when combined with the right woody and metallic textures, it can create a luxurious, homey, and rustic atmosphere.

Another trend that is equally bold but a little easier to pull off is using pops of color. It can be anything from vibrant wall colors to colorful appliances. If your wall color is a little muted, match it with bright furniture. For example, a gray wall with yellow cabinetry, or, for a braver trendy combo – green and pink. Also, you can have just one statement wall, or, even a statement ceiling!

Open Shelves

Your kitchen will definitely look much different from the old one if you replace some of the cabinetry with open shelves. The space will look bigger, and you will be left with so many creative options for arranging your favorite kitchen accessories. Combine shelves with hooks for hanging stuff, as well as boxes or baskets.

If you are displaying glassware, opt for items of the same color. Also, think about adding under cabinetry lights – they can be very practical and are trendy right now.

In 2021, we are not only displaying pots and cups in the kitchen. The ‘curated’ kitchen trend has reminded us that every single spot in the house, including those functional ones, can reflect our personality and feel cozy. Carefully combine your favorite glassware and cups with cookbooks, artwork, decorative ceramics, souvenirs, and other little personal items.


This year’s kitchen trends are really versatile and eclectic. Homeowners need not be imposed with the imperative of everything being purely functional. This means that you don’t need to buy an entirely new kitchen and spend a fortune in the process. Playing with new tiles and grout, installing new tapware, repainting a feature wall, and adding some shelves is inexpensive but leaves so much space for creativity.

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