Are Squats The Perfect Workout?



Visit any fitness website or open up a wellness magazine and you’re bound to find someone that will advise you to start doing squats. They say it’s the perfect workout, and it’s all the rage nowadays. But why is it considered so, and what should look out for when you’re squatting?

Squatting Comes In Different Forms

Although the blanket term “squats” encompasses all exercises wherein one lowers the hips from a standing position and gets back up, there are numerous variations of the exercise. You can perform squats without any equipment at all, repeating it with correct form with nothing but your body weight. You can also add weights, and advance your workout to the point of needing to learn how to use squat rack equipment for safety purposes. There are also several variations of squat forms that target muscle groups slightly differently, and are easier or more difficult depending on the person. 

Muscles Groups That Squats Target

The beauty of performing squats is that it is a very efficient exercise. To further clarify, with one maneuver, you can target several large muscle groups,  and thus burn more calories faster. You will also build up endurance faster. 

The following are the muscle groups that you are working when you perform a squat: 

  • Quadriceps—muscles at the front of the thighs 
  • Hamstrings—muscles at the back of the thighs 
  • Glutes—muscles of the hips or butt 
  • Abdominals—muscles of the midriff 
  • Calves—muscles at the back of the lower leg

All of these are large muscle groups, which not only means more calories burnt with this exercise but there are many additional benefits which will be discussed below. 

Benefits Of Squatting

There are many reasons why this exercise is extremely popular. Below you will find the major benefits one can gain from performing squats. 

Weight Loss

As previously mentioned, the fact that squats target a number of large muscle groups at once, means that it is an excellent exercise that aids in weight loss via calorie burning and muscle building. 

Improved Stability

Many of the muscle groups that squats work on are important for stability. This means prevention of injury in the knees and ankles as well prevention of injury from falls. 

Stronger Bones

Studies have shown that the increased weight load put on bones during thai exercise increases bone mineral density—that is, it makes your bones stronger.  

Increasing Flexibility

People who have performed squats during their lifetime can expect that their flexibility increases and that their tendons and ligaments stay elastic for longer as they grow older. 

Emotional And Psychological Benefits

Finally, squatting is well-known for shaping the lower body and abdomen, which play an important role in posture as well as improving your figure. People who perform squats both look and feel good, and have a better psychological view of themselves. 

As the above article shows, there are many valid reasons why people consider squats to be the perfect exercise. If you haven’t started incorporating squats (or any form) into your workout routine, you should definitely start now. 


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