Biggest challenges of urbanization in Pakistan

Biggest challenges of urbanization in Pakistan

In this article, we will cover that what are the biggest challenges of urbanization in Pakistan. The leading real estate market compels people to build their houses in cities rather than in small villages. As you know that there are numerous housing societies in Pakistan like park view city, rudn enclave, capital smart city, Lahore smart city, blue world city, and taj residencia, etc. So, people are likely tending toward living in that advanced societies to avail themselves all the facilities. But, their migration can play a significant role in urbanization and may bring more challenges of urbanization in Pakistan.

 With time, the residents of different rural areas are increasingly shifting toward cities to live better lives. They are searching for those facilities of life that they could not avail of while living in an underdeveloped area. The people from little cities migrate to big cities to find better employment opportunities.

 The urbanization rate is 3 per cent per year. However, urbanization bears many challenges in Pakistan. These challenges are because of lack of resources or lack of administrative bodies because the migration of these people may remain unnoticed. Furthermore, Pakistan is the only country in South Asia with a faster-growing rate of growing cities. It is claimed that by 2030, 250 million citizens would shift to cities.

Following are some biggest challenges of urbanization in Pakistan.

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Poor housing quality

According to the state bank, the housing quality and quantity was short of the demand in 2015. So, if that happens this year, Pakistan will face a shortage of houses by 2035. The greater number of people transferring to cities creates problems of housing quality. Because the country cannot sustain that growth, it results in a poor housing plan.

As you know, the population rate is greater in Pakistan, so the separation of families within the families caused the housing administration to think it over and seek preventive measures and overcome the housing problem. So, that is the reason why the housing quality was low. Karachi is the leading city in Pakistan, having problems in providing quality houses to its residents. the 

the main reason for that negligence is the faster growth rate of the population.

Water and sanitation

Though moving towards big cities is a brave step, have you ever thought that your migration could impact the lives of residents already. For example, in big cities, the water supply is from 4 hours to 16 hours and that, too, only available to 50 per cent of the population.

 According to a report, more than 60 per cent of water is not suitable for drinking in Karachi. Several houses and their shared latrines cause water unable for drinking. In addition, the waste disposal system is irregular and unsystematic due to packed houses in cities.


There are a lot of transportation problems where population growth is higher than usual. If we talk about the populated cities of Pakistan, Karachi is the only city where transportation problems remain unsolved for many years.

 Most of you want to spend a resourceful life in big cities, but sometimes you might not avail the opportunities you have migrated for. For example, you have shifted to Karachi or Lahore to have better facilities, but due to overpopulation, you face other problems like water, transport, and pollution.

Health problem

Health should be your first priority. Rural area people have good health as compared to urban area people. Though you choose to live in the city for attaining remarkable facilities of life, it can harm your health due to pollution.


However, you can have better opportunities of treatment in cities buy natural health you can have only in a village environment. There are many factors in cities which cause you to have health problems. Lack of clean drinking water is one of them, while different kinds of pollution are other causes for damaging your health.

 So, taking the step to living in advanced societies in advanced cities is a smart initiative, but you should keep in mind all the challenges that are coming in your way while being part of urbanization. However, we are here to help you. You can read more blogs, news, and articles related to real estate Pakistan with the leading real estate company, sigma properties.

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