Everything You Need To Know About Leggings

Being a fashionista means being aware of some style trends. In recent times, the most prominent fashion trend, which you might be aware of, is none other than leggings. They have gained popularity by making a comeback since the 1980s. They are incredibly versatile and super comfortable. Hence, you will find most women having these tight-fitting and stretchable trousers in their wardrobe. They are fantastic for a long day at the office, spending time with kids in the afternoon or for a night out. They come in different styles that fit your body perfectly and elevate your style statement. Read on to know their types and the reason why women love them.

What Are The Types Of Leggings?

The different types and styles will leave you amazed. But, for sure, you will want them in your dresser drawer. Below listed are their various types.


  1. Mid-Calf: Mid-calf is trendy, and their length is best for women with taller body types due to the shortening effect. However, petite women look fabulous when they pair with shoes or heels of the same colour. If you live in a nice and warm climate, you must try them. Furthermore, you can pair them with a breezy tunic or dress.
  2. Knee-length: Knee-length can be paired well with different styles, especially cotton T-shirts and knotted blouses. You must ensure that your top is not below the hip line since they look awkward with tunics. It is recommended to wear heels or platform shoes because the bottom half can look shorter where the hem falls.
  3. Ankle-length: Ankle-length is suitable for all, whether you have a pear-shaped body or any other body type. They make women look fabulous, and your legs will certainly look longer with ankle length. If you want them to look attractive, you can pair them with any dress or blouse and wear them on formal occasions.
  4. Stirrup: Stirrup is an iconic fashion of the 1980s, which originated during the First World War. That was the time when women started hunting. At present, their popularity has shot up immensely. They bring comfort to the arch of your foot due to a strip of material found in them.
  5. Patterned: Whether it is summer, winter or any other season, patterns are always in style. Different prints such as a galaxy, leopard, snake, geometric, etc., will undoubtedly look gorgeous on you. During the winters, you can look for the sweater pattern to elevate your winter fashion.
  6. Coloured: Coloured pants give women ultra-modern vibes and will leave you awe-struck. You can pick any colour and style for a stunning look. Their different styles include coloured Capri pants, coloured maternity pants, coloured workout different bottom wear and coloured yoga pants.
  7. Fleece-lined: Venturing out in the snow or an evening in front of the fireplace is exciting and fun since the tight-fitting trousers are warm and soft. They have a fleece lining, and their exterior can either be faux wool or cable knit. If you want to appear cosy and casual, you can pair them with more warm layers and boots.

Reasons Why Women Love Leggings

You must be wondering what makes them so popular among women. Below listed are the reasons why women adore them.

  1. Comfort: The first and foremost factor to consider when buying tight-fitting trousers is comfort. Hence, they are popular among women. You can wear them as per your dress code for work or outings because they are appropriate for countless daily activities and various lifestyles. Many women prefer a pair of leggings for comfort rather than uncomfortable clothing.
  2. A Great Alternative To Pants: Women can easily flaunt their body with them and manage to remain entirely covered. It is a great alternative to pants.
  3. Stretchable: They are fantastic for physical movements, especially when you want to move around quickly at work. What’s more, you can use them even after many washes.


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