How To Ace Your First Sales Recruitment?

Hiring the right staff for sales is a must-have for any business to prosper. Without a constant sale of products, no organisation can manage to keep itself upright without incurring losses every time. However, the right hiring advice can also enable salespeople to better perform during an interview or a recruitment drive, whether it's the first time or another attempt. 

During an interview, a candidate will be an open nerve as they expose their skills and personality towards a single or a group of hiring managers. Make sure to have a great disposition and be prepared for any aggressive grilling and don't forget, performance and personality matter to a great extent. 

Some Pointers to Take Note Of 

  1. Do Some Research On The Company's Background:

It's a good idea to have some fundamental idea of what the company does and how it regulates or markets its products and services. After doing thorough research, candidates can learn what companies look for when hiring potential salespeople and what all questions one can expect during an interview. Taking the time to learn and research about a company is a good indicator of someone who over-delivers, a characteristic that many hiring managers look for in a potential candidate. 

  1. Have Relevant Skills: The first and foremost skill that a company looks for is the ability to sell and they would never compromise this for any other talent. However, having a few sets of other useful skills can always come in handy and can help the candidate stand out in a group of interviewees. Some of the best skills to have are listed below:


  1. A proper team player and ability to lead or work effectively in a team.

  2. Able to sell a wide range of products and services from technology to finance, the larger the range the better. 

  3. Knowing a language other than English is also a good factor. Languages like Spanish, French and others can be useful when it comes to transactions and sales with foreign trades. 

  4. Ability to work under pressure without having to refrain from deadlines or strict schedules.

Make sure that the skills that candidates are adept with are in alignment with the purpose of the company.

  1. Practice, practice, practice: In front of a mirror, with friends or colleagues, get the time in to practice and build confidence during the presentation. A lack of confidence is often a red flag and usually leads to rejection.

What To Do During An Interview:

The success of any sales interview depends on how well a candidate acts on the right hiring advice and "sells themselves". With the recruitment services in Australia in a highly competitive environment, it doesn't hurt to think that every recruitment agency or company is always out for the best salespeople. With that being said, these tips will come in handy if an interviewer wants to see some potential in a candidate:

  1. Selling Oneself: Numbers and statistics will prove far more beneficial than a single emotional story so having a high number of successful sales will be a good indicator of skills and value. 

  • Take note of the products sold and the success rate. 

  • Communicate the biggest problems faced and what steps were taken to overcome them. 

  • Always have basic knowledge about the clients previously worked with and the total profits or budget scheduled. 

  1. Be Presentable: First impressions matter and being yourself could be the worst idea during an interview. Shave or at least trim the beard and if one is wearing a mask, wear a casual one without any prints or signs. Be confident and always have an honest answer to an opinion or a question. Being smart is also beneficial but don't be sarcastic, interviewers are there to assess one's skills, not to share jokes. Try to find a common ground with shared interests and this may help build a connection. 

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