How to Improve Your Own Society Anonymously

Millennials are not like their ancestors who simply followed what was taught to them. We are told that we must keep following the beliefs of our forefathers and must protect them. They consider it a disrespect to the late fathers when we talk about something different. 

They want us to keep doing what they did and in the same manner that they followed. It’s no disrespect to them if we follow a new path. They are still our fathers and we are their descendants, but the world is changing and we have to change with it. 

Baby boomers might have been good at this, but it’s different for the new generation. One big reason behind this open-mindedness and knowledge is the internet. We were exposed to the big world and how people live in different countries and cultures. 

We were no longer frogs in a pot that doesn’t know how big the world is. We see things and compare them to our beliefs. Everyone knows basic science today and we have stopped believing things that are not based on scientific logic. 

 It can be difficult to talk about these things and bring change when you are surrounded by people with different beliefs. This article discusses how you should tackle this situation. 

Write for the Doe

There are several platforms that allow you to talk about things that people usually never discuss. These things could be somewhat controversial, but they bring out the hidden truth. It can be difficult for some people to accept something that goes against their beliefs, but they can’t grow and move forward until they start questioning themselves. 

You can also write and publish articles on The Doe as an anonymous writer and have it shared among people who you want to change. This will not only keep you safe, but also spread awareness and promote your cause. 

Try to Educate People

You should try to educate the people if you want to improve them instead of criticizing them. They will be offended if you will right out say that what they are doing is wrong. You should instead, educate them to practice becoming more open-minded. 

They should see things that indirectly relate to them. Teach them how other people followed the wrong beliefs without questioning anything and how they have been left behind. You should get them to think about it instead of forcing your thoughts on them. 

Become an Inspiration 

If you want people to follow your ideas and beliefs, you will have to become a leader. You should become something that inspires them. Most people become a rebel and start criticizing their own people. They would never listen to you if they see you as an outcast. 

Rebels are not respected in their society. They will just think that you are someone who couldn’t succeed in your current life and started blaming others. They will follow you if they think you have succeeded in their path and you have also followed other paths to see what is right and wrong.

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