The Cannabis Plant

By the year 2020, CBD (cannabidiol) has gone from something most people have never heard of to something the majority of people have at least heard of. The catalyst for why there has been such a recent increase in CBD awareness is that new regulations were encoded merely a few years ago. The new regulations opened the door wide for CBD products to be sold throughout the United States. The growth of the CBD marketplace has been quite astonishing. 

However, a lot of individuals remain unsure of what CBD is. CBD is a non-psychoactive compound produced in the Cannabis plant. There are many molecules in the hemp plant, including THC, the chemical in marijuana known to produce a high. However, CBD does not have any properties that produce a high but does offer a wide array of health benefits. When you add up amazing health benefits with not experiencing any unneeded sensation of getting high, it's no surprise CBD has made such a mark.

By now, we should be operating with a rudimentary level understanding of what CBD is, so let's break down what it does within our bodies. Only decades ago, the realm of science discovered the Endocannabinoid System. In short, the ECS affects every aspect of how our body functions. Everything from mood, energy levels, immune strength, pain perception, amongst many others. New studies are demonstrating how therapeutic controlling the ECS can be on one's overall health and longevity. This is why CBD consumption has shown hope in aiding such a wide variety of sicknesses. 

Around the globe, very promising studies are being carried out on how CBD can help with ailments such as multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, inflammation, metabolic syndromes like obesity, pain and anxiety relief, and even acne! The majority of people eat CBD for relief of anxiety, pain and as a sleep aid. The anxiety relief CBD offers helps those who suffer from insomnia and other sleep-related disorders achieve better quality sleep. 

With a new understanding of what CBD is and how it works, what are the ways in which people consume it? The four most popular CBD consumption methods are: 

Under The Tongue - One of the first ways people took CBD was sublingually or under the tongue. However, nowadays, it is rare to see people take CBD in this manner.  

Smoking - The CBD flower can be smoked, akin to the marijuana plant. For individuals who don't prefer actual smoke, then vaping is an option. 

By Rubbing It In - There are numerous creams available to be rubbed on the skin. 

Eaten - At this time, eating CBD is the most common way it's consumed. There are hundreds of recipes available for infuse various foods with CBD oil, including edibles like CBD gummies. 

Currently, you can find CBD in many supplement stores. But, many people source their CBD products through online vendors. There are many online CBD stores such as geared towards varying CBD-related products, from CBD vape cartridges to full spectrum CBD gummies. While new findings are quite promising, CBD is rather new to most people and the medical community. It is recommended that you speak with your primary care doctor before starting any CBD routine. 

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