Top 5 Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Corbett

Top 5 Family-Friendly Places to Visit in Corbett


Jim Corbett National Park is located in the stunning hills in Uttarakhand and is among the most well-known natural life refuges in India. The majority of travellers rate their visit to Corbett as an unforgettable experience and claim it's one of the most beautiful spots in the world to see the diversity of plants and wildlife. While Corbett receives a fair amount of attention from both visitors from the surrounding area and those who are unfamiliar with it However, there are other areas of interest close to Corbett that are equally attractive. Following your usual Corbett tour, you can make sure to take a short break to visit these other places with your loved ones. Here's a list of the best places that you can visit near Corbett National Park that you ought to visit during any of Jim Corbett packages.

  1. Sattal Near Corbett
    A town full of everyday beauty, Sattal ought to be at the top of every family's list. The astonishing beauty of seven lakes interconnected will surprise you. The thick backwoods, populated by pine trees provide the perfect location. Furthermore, being near an aquatic lake makes it the perfect habitat for birds that migrate butterflies, birds, and creepy crawlies. This makes it a sanctuary for photographers, bird lovers, artists, and naturalists. Also, there's an assortment of verdure ranging from medicinal plants and spices, to orchids and other interesting climbers. Because it is so secluded, Sattal is ideally suited to find natural life and for camping.
    The distance from Corbett National Park: About 123 km. It takes about an hour and 45 mins

  2. Rishikesh Near Corbett
    Rishikesh is a city that is a place where one relaxes in the soft glow in the Ganges. The sanctuary town has various names that are distinctive, such as Yoga Capital of the World, Adventure Capital of India as well as Gateway into the Garhwal Mountains. It is a thriving social history that blends effortlessly with its modern-day innovation. The town offers something to offer every traveler - sanctuaries as well as options for experiencing sports restaurants, as well as peaceful areas to find peace.
    Distance between Corbett National Park: About 140 km; takes about 4 hours

  3. Nainital Near Corbett
    Surrounded by majestic slopes, mists that move, tall trees, and lush Knolls, Nainital is a slope station that doesn't require any presentation. It's the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, especially during the summer months, due to the climate that is close by. The beautiful pear-shaped lake is a perfect lure for those who love to see, and especially photography lovers. There's plenty of thing’s activities to be done in Nainital that will make you want to stay vigilant. Explore the city to shop in the business areas bustling with local merchants who lure you with stunning hard-working and delicious food. All in all, Nainital is a slope station with both action and relaxation, making it an ideal place to go close to Corbett to enjoy a vacation with your family.
    Distance between Corbett National Park: About 151km; takes nearly 4 hours to complete.

  4. Mukteshwar Near Corbett
    Mukteshwar's usual beauty will have you falling over in love with it in just a second! High above the horizon and with a view of the Himalayan mountains This 'chocolate-box town is awash with vegetation and gardens. The town is known as "apple country' due to the obvious reasons but other natural goods like peaches, apricots the plums and pears provide wealth too. This home is surrounded by the cold pinnacles as well as some stunning views of the Himalayas. People also visit the town because of its engineering and rigorous energy. Walk along the intriguing streets in Mukteshwar and you'll walk through structures that had up until recently obscure design patterns.
    Distance to Corbett National Park: About 197km; it takes approximately 5 hours 30 mins

  5. Ranikhet Near Corbett
    A charming town located inside The Himalayas, Ranikhet offers all-encompassing views of the mountains. It's an exceptional spot among the nine opening golf courses across India. A sultry climate, provincial appeal and unrivaled standard excellence and unbeatable peace make the "Sovereign of Meadows the ideal location to enjoy a relaxing getaway. Apart from relaxing there are many activities you can take part in, like camping, traveling in the camp, setting up or a rappelling course, as well as hiking. The kids can gain from visiting the museum for tactical skills.
    Distance to Corbett National Park: About 180 km. This takes almost 5 hours to travel.

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