Ultimate Survival Tool Set

 Whether you are preparing to go on a hike, camping, or hunting trip, you mustn't carry just any survival tool but the right ones. The storm might catch you unawares, or you might encounter an emergency while you are out. You might know about now but how about the next minute. 

The only way of increasing your chances of survival is by having the right survival tools with you ranging from the best surefire flashlight to a simple pocketknife. 

Five tools to help increase your chances of survival 

While packing your survival bag, you must pack tools that suit your needs and particular emergency scenarios. Though specific people prefer to take specific tools, you should take tools that can serve more than one survival purpose. So, in case, one tool fails, another saves. 


Having a functioning flashlight could be the only thing standing between you seeing properly, and you're staggering blindly about. In a case where you get lost while out, you can use your flashlight to do an SOS signal by flickering the light. Using a functional and bright 18650 flashlight increases your chances of being found. When it comes to searching for the best 18650 flashlight to use, you should check out the reviews before making the final purchase.

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Being able to start a fire might be the only thing between you staying warm or catching a cold. It also helps you boil water, prepares meals, scare off predators and sleep warmly at night. It is compulsory to take one of these with you. It is one thing to get any fire starter and another thing to get the right one. Get the one that can meet your needs. 

First aid kit and space blanket

A first aid kit helps you to treat and reduce pain before help comes. It should contain all the right tools needed to stop bleeding and clean wounds. It should be kept at arm’s reach or where it can be accessed easily. 

Survival Whistle

A survival whistle can come into play when you need to announce your presence in a place. Your voice might not be loud enough to call for the help you need or ward off a predator, but a hyper whistle is.

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Pocket Multipurpose Tool

These tools are portable and can size into your pocket. It is a kit that includes a survival knife, pliers, wire cutters, a can/ bottle opener, and even a mini saw. Also among these tools is the foldable shovel. It cannot stay in your pocket, but it is very portable and can be kept at the side of your backpack. It has been built so that the head can be turned in any direction for any purpose. 

And don’t forget about Water!

The need for water can never be over-emphasized. On average, you can stay for twenty-one days without food but just three days if you do not drink water. You can run out of water as you hunt or carry on with whatever activity you are doing. And might need to fetch water. Carrying a water filter bottle would allow you to fetch and drink water from any water source. This is done by filtering protozoa and bacteria from the water so you can drink clean water. 

If you are reading this article now, drink a glass of water. You'll be doing your kidney a lot of good. All of the survival tools listed above are most times different from the normal tools, so be sure the room gets the right ones. 

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