Understanding the Problem of Red Eyes

Understanding the Problem of Red Eyes

Amongst the five sense organs, eyes tend to be the most delicate ones. One needs to take extra care of his/her eye to avoid any type of problem. The nature of eyes is such that even the slightest pain or discomfort in them, irritates us for the whole day until we get rid of the problem.

One such problem related to eyes is that of ‘Red Eyes’. A condition of eyes where the person experiences red, irritated or bloodshot eyes is described as red eyes. This kind of redness happens when tiny blood vessels under the surface of the eye get larger or inflamed.

This kind of swelling or irritation is generally caused when an irritant enters the eye. Some of the common irritants that cause this problem are-

  1. Dust particles
  2. Chlorine from Swimming Pools
  3. Pet Animals
  4. Cigarette Smoke
  5. Pollution
  6. Perfumes
  7. Pollen

When these irritants get in touch with a sensitive eye, that eye is most likely to experience redness.

Causes of Red Eyes

A person having a red eye will not only experience red eyes, but will also have pain in eyes, itching, watery eyes, swelling or blurred vision. There are multiple reasons for this type of problem. Some of the general causes of red eyes are-

  1. Wearing lenses for a long period of time.
  2. Working on computer screens for long
  3. Continuous use of smartphones

The other specific reasons for this eye condition are-

1. Conjunctivitis

When the thin, transparent membrane of the eye (called conjunctiva),that covers the white of the eye and the lines of the eyelids gets infected. Then conjunctivitis occurs in eyes. This eye condition is very common among children and it is transmitted from an infected eye to another through a media. The objects touched by the person’s infected eye , infect others’eyes also. Redness of eyes is very common if one has caught conjunctivitis.

2. Allergies

When an allergen (factor causing allergy) such as dust, smoke, pollens enters a person’s body, the immune system of the body reacts. And the body releases histamine to fight against the allergens. This histamine causes the blood vessels in the eyes to enlarge and eyes become red and itchy.

3. Blepharitis (inflamed eyelid)

In this condition, the eyelids of a person are swollen and the eyes of a person becomes red, itchy and watery.

4. Dry Eyes

In case the eyes of a person do not produce sufficient tears to keep the eyes moist, then the person may experience dry eye condition. This dryness in eyes leads to burning sensation in eyes and mucus discharge from eyes also leading to redness and pain.

5. Injury in the eye

Red eyedness can be found in those people who have experienced an eye injury. When injury occurs, the blood vessels open up to supply more blood to the injury site for faster recovery. The open blood vessels also cause red eyes.

6. Glaucoma

It is a sight-threatening condition which comes suddenly. So ,if one observes sudden pain in eyes, redness, loss of vision, nausea, seeing halos around eyes, it is an alarming sign that one must immediately consult his eye doctor.

7. Smoking

The smoke of cigarette is an irritant which causes redness of eyes. Besides this, smoking other injurious substances also cause the blood vessels of eyes to dilate, hence causing redness.

8. Consumption of Alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol causes the blood vessels to clump up due to reduced oxygen supply, thereby causing the eyes to look red.

9. Use of Eye Whitening drops

There are some people who use whitening drops to get rid of red eyes. As a result, their eyes become very used to those drops. So, they have to use those drops regularly. In case, they do not use then, again their eyes become red.

Prevention of Red Eyes

It is said that ‘prevention is better than cure’. There are many simple preventive measures which will help in avoiding such type of problem. They are-

1. Avoid Rubbing the Eyes

Always avoid rubbing the eyes when you feel any discomfort in them. Otherwise, the dirt and germs in your hands may intensify your problem.

2. Safe Wearing of Contact Lenses

Do not wear your contact lenses for long duration of time. Keep them clean and change them after their recommended life is over. Don’t wear them when you feel dryness or discomfort.

3. Eye makeup

If you apply eye make up, ensure that you remove it totally after use and have clean eyelids. Also, one should avoid using heavy eye make up all the time, as the chemicals used in cosmetic products may harm your eyes.

4. Screen Time Breaks

While workings on screens, do not forget to take breaks after 20-30 minutes of sitting. Then blink your eyes, rotate them or cup them for relaxation. Always take regular breaks to keep your eyes relaxed.

5. Eye Examination

In case, you find that inspite of all the precautionary measures, you are experiencing redness in eyes, just visit your eye specialist in Jaipur and get an eye examination done to ensure good eye health. An annual eye health checkup is something that everyone must do to avoid any kind of eye issues.

Cures for Red Eyes

The problem of redness in eyes can be cured very effectively after working out the cause of this condition. Once the causes are identified, it becomes easy to treat the condition-

a. Red eyes due to allergies

In case red eyes are caused due to any allergic factor, then the best approach is to avoid the allergen (factor causing allergy). Apart from that, such problem can be treated with artificial tear drops prescribed by your doctor. Theses drops wash away the allergens from the eye. A decongestant eye drop will help in reducing itchiness.

b. Red eyes due to bacteria

Incase red eyes are caused by bacteria, the best way to counter it is to keep the eyes clean. You can use a cloth dipped in warm water over the eyes so that the mucus loosens up and eyes are relaxed. Use over-the-counter lubricating drops to treat the viral pink eye. One should use different cloth for each eye.

c. Red eyes due to swelling in the eyelids

In this case, the best cure is to keep the eyelids clean. For this, one can use a warm water soaked cloth and keep it near the eyelids to get away the swelling. In some conditions, your doctor may prescribe you antibiotics or steroid eye drops.

Some of the general practices to cure red eyes is to wash your hands frequently, use of cold compress , eye relaxation, sound sleep, use of artificial tears or avoiding the irritants that shoot up the redness (such as pollens, smoke, perfumes , dust etc.).

Hence, a proper diagnosis of red eye is very essential to get rid of the red eye problem.

When to Visit a Doctor for this Problem?

Although this problem of red eyes can be easily countered, still you must visit an eye clinic in Jaipur and consult the best eye doctor in Jaipur if the following problems continue over a week-

  1. Pain in Eye or around the Eyes
  2. Blurred Vision
  3. Unusual Sensitivity to Light
  4. Continuous  Redness
  5. In case eyes are seeping or encrusted with yellow, brown or green mucous.
  6. Overall poor health along with any of the eye problem.
  7. Conjunctivitis in children

The above symptoms are really alarming if they last over a weak, and the patient must immediately consult an eye specialist in Jaipur.

This condition of red eye is seemingly a general condition which can be cured by self care and precaution, but in case, this problem intensifies one must visit a best eye hospital in Jaipur.


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