What are the Challenges Healthcare Workers Face During Covid-19 Pandemic Reveals Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach

We know that the coronavirus disease has crippled the lives of people since 2019 and it was declared as a global pandemic in March 2020, when COVID-19 struck the global population. People are still reeling under the curse. While many have successfully dodged the disease and managed to escape unscathed, people are living on the edge every single day.

But the most affected are the healthcare workers that have been curing and attending to many anxious people like you and me so that we get some comfort. More about the challenges that healthcare professionals face each day in the paragraphs below.

Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach points out the various aspects of the mental health of workers

Social distancing is the only way to avoid getting infected from coronavirus but for healthcare workers, this is not possible. Instead, they are around COVID-19 patients round the clock. So, the healthcare industry has had to face problems because their workers’ lives are always in danger. Many have lost their lives to coronavirus and that includes doctors and nurses.

Aside from being infected with the virus itself, many have been subjected to psychological trauma leading to depression, professional stress, and an overall feeling of helplessness.

Few have also complained about the discomfort they face by staying constantly within the PPE or personal protective equipment kit that you will see these professionals wearing 24x7 while catering to the innumerable patients.

Some other conditions that you must know they were subjected to include anxiety attacks, loneliness, tremendous workload, frustration, and sleep disorders. You will see many medical practitioners leave their families behind for days together to serve the infected patients in the hospital. So, to find a doctor or a nurse staying away from their toddlers or kids for days together and staying back in the hospital is not an uncommon sight or is not unheard of.

Spending days and hours together inside their PPE kit and masks all day, many have also suffered bruises all over their faces. By constantly attending to patients in the ICU or Intensive Care Unit and HDU or High Dependency Units, many nurses have undergone psychological distress.

How did the Healthcare Industry Cope up?

The healthcare industry rose to the situation and implemented and incorporated many tools and equipment that took care of the healthcare workers and their safety to a great extent. For instance, Benjamin Gordon Palm Beach cited examples, wherein robots were used in many countries that took up the responsibility of delivering and supplying medicines and medical equipment to the relevant departments in the hospitals.

Since many medical practitioners lost their lives to COVID-19 or were not on the rolls for short spells, there was a shortage of medical staff as well. The fact that hospitals preferred to have their doctors on rotation in their respective duties to avoid overcrowding also led to the shortage of staff attending to patients infected with covid or requiring any other kind of treatment. After all, hospitals also had patients that were suffering from other ailments other than just COVID-19.

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