Why Invest in Sustainable Clothing?

The clothing and apparel industry is responsible for approximately 10% of the total carbon emission around the world annually. This is a huge chunk of the overall carbon emissions released into the atmosphere each year, given that a lot of people are invested in fast fashion.

Carbon emissions are responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer and effects such as acid rain, ruining aquatic life and life on land. But brands like Arnhem clothing promote sustainable fashion by offering their customers recycled clothing with great prints and fun designs.

The path to destruction of our planet seems to be accelerating, and brands known for fast fashion are not helping it in any way. This does not mean that all clothing is bad clothing. Today, many brands invest in resources like solar energy to power the operations, recycle and sometimes upcycle the fabric that comes as waste. If people are interested but hesitant about sustainable clothing, this article will help them cross that bridge with assurance.

Reasons to choose sustainability over speed:

     Environment protection: Giving back to the greater good is essential for people today, especially when the world is suffering because of human wrongdoing. Making the switch to sustainable fashion is a great choice. There is assurance and gratification while purchasing a beautiful piece of clothing from a sustainable clothing brand, such as Arnhem clothing. This knowledge about their money being invested into preserving the environment will help them feel good owning the timeless piece of clothing close to their heart.

     Top-class quality: There are plenty of first-time shoppers at a sustainable clothing store online, dubiously waiting to click on the checkout button because of concerns related to the quality of the clothing that will be shipped. This is a valid reason as big dogs in the clothing industry have a history of making cheap and good quality clothing.

Sustainable clothing might be slightly pricey, but this is only because of the effort and love that goes into making each piece. The fabric used is of the highest grade, eco-friendly, incredibly soft, and resistant to easy tear, which will last a lifetime.

     Fair labour cost: The clothing piece's price tag includes top-class fabric quality, sanitary conditions, craftsmanship and hard work. The fair labour practice ensures the laws are abided by and does not violate any labour laws of the Australian government. The resources are locally sourced by people who put a lot of their time and love to find the best quality equipment and raw materials. Brands like Arnhem clothing ensure their workers and other employees and labourers are respected for their craft and paid fairly.

     Drastic waste reduction: A lot of waste in the form of dyes, detergent water, slurry and other manufacturing processes from the fast fashion brands have contaminated the water bodies of the planet, causing a lot of aquatic life to die. Apart from that, land waste produced in excess packaging material, fabric scraps and much more is all a result of fast fashion. Switching to sustainable fashion will help in drastically reducing such waste.

Investing in sustainable and clean clothing brands that reuse every bit of scrap they have to convert it into something beautiful, resourceful and eco-friendly will undoubtedly give the customer the satisfaction of supporting a good cause.


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