10 Amazing Facts About Translation And Languages

 Translation is an important part of language and communication. In recent years, there has been a rise in the number of translation professionals. To speed the process of translation up, technological advancements have also been recorded in the areas of machine learning and AI translation services. Translation has formed the bedrock of communication for businesses that wish to expand to new areas and regions. Individuals have also leveraged translation apps to improve their communication with locals while traveling. All of these point to the amazing usefulness of translation, not only for official document translation purposes but also for verbal communication.

If you have ever used the services of a translator, intend to use a translator’s services, or are a translator, below are some of the important and amazing facts you should know.

Translation Services Started About Two Millennia Ago

Translation services started about two millennia ago. The first translation was of the Old Testament Bible from Greek to other languages. The Old Testament's translation happened in the mid 3rd century BC and marked the beginning of significant growth in the industry. Since then, the industry has become a billion-dollar industry. The old testament has since been translated thousands of times and into several thousand languages since the first time.

Translation Has Helped In The Development Of Science

Scientists rely on information and findings from one another to prop up their research work. With the help of translation services, many scientists have been able to keep up with past and new scientific data and information to base their research on. With proper translation, scientists are now at par around the world, irrespective of the original language in which their research was published.

Most Difficult Languages For English Speakers

Languages have different levels of complications that may discourage people from learning them. For English speakers, there appears to be a widespread consensus on some languages that appear the most challenging to learn and speak. These languages are Mandarin, Polish,  Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Danish, and Turkish, in no particular order. Notably, Mandarin is one of the commonly used languages across the globe. Most English companies rely on the services of translation professionals and agencies to communicate with their arms in any of these regions.

Most Translated Authors

Several books have made it past publishing standards and into the market. Some books have become so popular that they have circulated in all areas of the world. Others have been translated into so many languages to reach local audiences. The most translated author worldwide is Agatha Christie, closely followed by Jules Verne and William Shakespeare.

The Most Translated Text

Of all the publications that have made it to the mainstream, the Bible is the most widely translated text globally. According to available data, the Bible has been translated into a total of 3,384 languages. The original texts were in Hebrews, Greek, and Aramaic writings.

Most Translated Content

Books are not the only content to be translated. Turns out that songs also get translated into many languages just as much. The most translated content is the song Golden Dreams of Gandhiji. The song was recorded in 125 languages by Dr. Kesiraju Srinivas, an Indian artist.

Translators Contributed To Alphabets

Some translators have been responsible for the creation of some alphabets. A notable mention is James Evans, who invented Cree syllabics; now a widely spoken indigenous language in Canada. Saints Cyril and Methodius are credited for the Cyrillic alphabets used to write Russian, Serbian, and Bulgarian languages.

Translators Are Custodians Of Endangered Languages

It may come as a shock, but languages do become extinct. There are about 40% of the world’s languages categorized as endangered. Translators play an important role in making sure that languages are kept alive for as long as possible.  

More Than Half Of The World Speak 23 Major Languages

There are about 7,139 languages in the world. However, only about 23% of them are widely used. Translation service providers help clients translate from and to the other less common languages.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ Website Is the World’s Most Translated Website 

The Jehovah’s Witnesses’ website has been translated to a total of 780 languages and regional dialects. This makes it the most translated website in the world. The website ranks above big tech companies like Apple whose website has been translated into 128 languages, Wikipedia with as many as 286 languages across its 43 million pages, and religious websites like the Vatican’s - available in 9 languages. So far, the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ website is available in 913 language options for visitors to choose from.

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