Are You Overspending On Business Water?

It’s important for businesses to pay close attention to their water usage and keep the costs under control. Understanding utility invoices and contracts are difficult for the majority of businesses - as they often pay for their water bill without knowing what they are actually paying for. 

If this sounds like you and your business is overspending, it might be time for a change in water supplier. Doing so could save you up to 20% with some suppliers, and with flexible payment options, easy to understand bills, and expert advice on how to use water efficiently, it’s definitely worth thinking about!

Switching Water Supplier

There are many reasons your business should be switching water if it is consistently overspending. It’s just as easy as switching energy suppliers and comes with several benefits.

To know if it’s the right time to switch suppliers or renegotiate a better water rate, consider some of the following points to see if your current supplier is right for your business.

     You want an easy to understand monthly invoice

     Your business has several locations with different bills and meters.

     The water bills you receive don’t reflect the meter usage.

     Constant increases in water usage and price

     You want to see your bills online with an easy to manage account.

The Benefits of Switching

The main purpose of switching water suppliers is to save money, but if you choose your supplier carefully, you could expect some of these bonuses:

  1. Great customer service - It's always nice to talk to someone that understands your concerns and is willing to go the extra mile to help, and with Castle Water, you get exactly that and more.
  2. One bill for all - Managing many sites is hard enough without needing to worry about several water bills to digest. Switching to a supplier that will give you one bill for all sites and services will save you money and precious time.
  3. Fixed rates - Asking for fixed rates with a new supplier is beneficial for your business, as the bills will be more predictable rather than fluctuating on every invoice.
  4. Low prices - Changing water suppliers to save your business money cannot be overlooked. Most suppliers offer free quotes, so you can compare and see how much you could save. As competition is now greater than ever, you can expect to see a minimum of 10% saving by switching your supplier.
  5. Expert advice - A good water supplier will offer free resources and expert advice on how to control water usage to help your business save money.
  6. Manage account - Choose a water supplier that has an easy-to-use online account and downloadable App to use for your phone. Knowing how much usage you are using for your business in a few clicks will save you so much time and stress, keeping you in control.

How to Switch Water Supplier

Switching to a new supplier shouldn’t impact business operations, it should be stress-free!

All it takes is a call providing some information about your business and requirements, and the supplier will take care of the rest, or at least the best ones do - so be careful who you choose. A good place to search for multiple water suppliers in your area is with one of the many comparison sites like utility bidder or Uswitch.

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