Benefits of Mediclaim Premium Calculator

Health difficulties have been rapidly increasing in recent years. And as the number of ailments rises, so does the number of treatments and drugs available. As a result of technological developments, medical costs have skyrocketed. Any disease or injury can be highly expensive to treat. Situations like these can be handled pretty easily and without worries, if you have health insurance. However, as essential it is to have health insurance, as is the comparison of quotations offered by various medical companies. A commoner is not well-versed with the idea and method of comparison and can consequently destroy their schedule. Albeit, this problem can be solved using a mediclaim premium calculator.

No one is willing to spend their hard-earned money on a mediclaim policy that can be available in less than what they are paying with the same perks. Henceforth, it becomes ineluctable to compare the premium policies before buying.

With the internet being the major source of everything and nothing, the medical policies can also be bought online and abreast the comparison of policies is also possible.

Although for a newbie it sounds like a difficult concept to grasp, but assured it is quite easy to understand and might just be the solution to your time and money-saving.

A brief about the health insurance premium

A health insurance premium involves the amount paid to an insurer; it might be monthly, quarterly, or yearly to renew the policy and claim its benefits as and when required. The amount paid can differ depending upon the age, policy type, number of members insured. For instance, the premium amount paid for an older individual would be much more than a person in their early 20’s since they are more prone to diseases.

Now, answer the questions that might be bubbling in your mind. The primary being, ‘what is a premium calculator?’

A mediclaim premium calculator is an easy, time-saving, and effective method to compare quotations provided by medical companies and choose what is vital for you. Your health insurance premium can be generated by entering your name, age, and the number of members to be insured. Using the premium calculator can also save the money you would have spent on consulting policy insurers.

Benefits of premium calculator

Although the premium calculator is not renowned amongst people but has become of utmost importance considering the tremendous increase in the number of policies available and the onus to choose the right one.

  • Simplification of complex terms- Recurrently, many complex terminologies are used in the policies and are sequestered from the layman language. You might need to hire a professional to help make you the accurate decision thence leading to expenditure of time and money. However, with the premium calculator, you only need to fill in minute details and your job is done.
  • Error-free calculation- The premium calculator with its digital technologies, provides you with error-free calculations and the exact amount of the premium policies to make your decision-making easier.
  • Speeds up policy comparison- The solution to your problem of spending long hours on understanding and decoding the complexity of the policy and comparing them later can now be resolved, with just a click.
  • Customization of policies- Comparing different policies acknowledges you about the add-ons, pre-existing diseases cover, treatments due to COVID-19. Once the policy plan is decided discounts and bonuses are displayed to help save your money without any compromises.

Mediclaim premium is calculated on various factors. Age, time of the plan, number of members insured, pre-existing diseases are some of the most prominent. BMI (body-mass index) is another vital feature required for premium calculation. It follows an inverse relation with the premium policy amount. A higher BMI manifests a higher risk of diseases thence, leading to more expenditure on the mediclaim policy.

But contemplating on the amount of expenditure? Need to reduce the health insurance premium?

Read further to secure the best for you and your family that too in your budget.

  • Investing in health insurance at a younger age- Acquiring health insurance at a younger age will be reasonable due to the reduced risks of diseases and thus claiming the policy at a younger age.

  • Choosing multi-year policy- Securing a policy under long duration yields bonuses and discounts.

  • Regular check-ups- Going for regular check-ups make you vigilant for any possible disease which functions as a pocket savior. The premium amount increases if there is any pre-existing disease as it can be the sole cause leading to other diseases.

  • Maintaining your BMI- Being under the accurate BMI not only saves your policy expenditure but is great for your health and indeed is beneficial to you. Eating healthy and exercising regularly helps maintain your BMI and keeps you fit.

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