Clinical communication apps for Android and IOS


 Gadgets nowadays provide effective and streamline communication between doctors, patients, and their caregivers. These applications facilitate the patient 24/7 management to get information about the condition of the patient. Mobile application is a secure platform to manage health data without sharing it with others. These online organizations also provide some incentives for adoption like minimizing the cost of worker management. Some clinical communication apps add interoperable platforms, two-way secured messaging, and interactive based on data collecting from patients.

  • AirStripAirStripOB/Cardiology:

This mobile application offers interoperable dice that give collaboration between multiple cares and multiple devices settings.  Tablets, computers from hospitals, community-based organizations, and mobile phones can collect data from health information exchange, medical devices, electronic health records, and other monitoring solutions. This platform also facilitates through compact tools data on one platform that can get through integrants, telemedicine, and with some vendor system.

  • Aetna, ITriage:

This mobile application permits the patients to get information directly about their health condition and also provides step-by-step guidance to treat the condition in the most healthy and effective way. It also gives directions to the patients either condition need to visit the emergency room, turn-by-turn navigation to the provider, and also a map of facilities in the most innovative way. Patients are allowed to claim previous store health information and also give reviews. This is a free download application for patients.

  • Cerner, CareAware Connect

This application connects the complete workflow of the provider and arranges clinical communications as a single device. Multiple teams can cooperate and communicate for improving purpose and care coordination. Users can see the information of patients from a list that adds, measurements, vitals, allergies, and orders on services care medication. It also used bar codes to arrange the medication administration and more indistinguishable tools like patient association in the directory of mobile.

  • DSS Inc.

This application facilitates with HER-based feature that enhances the care collaboration, safety, and care of patients, and gives workflow with the aim to minimize the cost of administration. DSS facilitates the user through both clinical and administrative utensil that has ranged from home health management and emergency room to scheduling room and automatic billing system. Currently, DSS gained the Faster Care Veterans Pilot Contract for the scheduling of mobile tools and that can be used from PC or any other mobile device. 

  • Epic Systems, MyChart Mobile

MyChart is easily available on the Google Play Store and Apple store to give health data access from antecedent in-office call providers. It includes visible data test results, medication, health conditions, immunizations reveal by the provider. It helps patients to confirm the appointment, also pay their bills, and update the patient-related data like fitness metrics from useable health devices. The patient can message the provider directly through this application and scheduled the appointments.

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