How Do We Find Jobs For You?


About PromoPlacement 

Welcome to PromoPlacement, the place to take over the perfect job role that fits you. We have a database of companies to give you the right job. All you need to do is submit your resume to our portal. We will keep you updated with new job opportunities for our career growth.

What do We do?

To make our agency the best in our field, we create events such as career fairs. So, that you are preferred more in our respective job fields. We offer you promotional gifts through career events. It helps you in grooming for your respective careers. You come to know about our preferred job responsibilities. We also make promotional recruitment which is beneficial for you. It also makes our company look more reliable.

As a recruitment agency, we help people apply for jobs when there is any vacancy in a particular company. We offer promotional products job openings.

How Do We Do? 

The best promotional merchandise helps grab people's attention much faster and make an opportunity to talk to them. We know about it.

While our company is branding on new job opportunities, it is sure to make a memorable message which will make people think of our business. You will feel about it every time we provide jobs opportunities to you.

Being a recruitment agency, we have to attract attention for job fairs by having a colourful banner behind our table, showing everyone in the room who you are and what our agency does. It will tell people more about our agency and draw people to our table, prompting them to talk to you about our agency and pick up the promotional products you are offering. 

Our colour scheme, which includes our logo, banner and other promotional gifts that we are offering, you people will associate that with our business with all these items, and this will create a brand image.

We will use promotional items related to our industry of job provides. It will get the attention of job seekers as our potential clients. The job seekers who applied in their specific field.

For example, recruiting for the medical industry will need medical vans and ambulances to draw your attention to our services. 

Using our branding on these items will associate our agency with that industry, which will encourage them to go through our agency to get a job in the area they want.

We Are Reliable 

In the promotional products industrial field we have 50 years of experience. So, there is no doubt we are trustworthy, and we have helped many other people find job opportunities like you. Connecting distributors and suppliers from the most talented industry experts are all that we will do for you. We are promotional products employment agency.

Serving for 50 years makes us an agency with high brand value. 

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