How to clean vertical blinds?

If you want to improve the light control and style of your home or business, you can install window blinds. There are different types of blinds for varying purposes. Well, the popular among all the blinds are the vertical blinds. They are versatile, convenient, and, most of all, attractive. They open from side to side and comprise a headrail and vertical strips of fabric called blades. Many of these blinds are made from various materials like wood, aluminium, and other fabrics. It is also a unique way of covering the window. Read on to know the benefits of the blinds and how to clean them.

What are the benefits of vertical blinds?

The design of the blinds can complement any room. Well, there are more such benefits of having them at your home or company. Read further to know all about them.

  1. They look amazing on large windows: The blinds make the room appear spacious and also look classy on a large window. Due to these reasons, they have achieved popularity in living rooms and offices with huge glass door windows.
  2. They are attractive and affordable: You can purchase the blinds if you want to add a great finishing touch to the bedroom or living room. It doesn't matter if they are fitted with curtains or not; they look elegant when draped. Additionally, they are attainable in different colours and materials to suit your taste. Furthermore, they are affordable, and you don't have to compromise on the style. You can ensure a neat finish to your room.
  3. They can easily control light: Similar to Venetian blinds, a vertical blind can provide different angle capabilities and better levels of tilt. You will be able to see outside even if the sunlight is blocked. But it depends upon the position of the sun. The position of the blinds can also be adjusted during the day for indoor light to be maximised.
  4. They can make your ceiling look higher: When it comes to interior design, vertical lines create an impression of height in the room. For instance, just like wallpapers have vertical stripes, so do the blinds, making your ceiling appear higher, especially on floor-to-ceiling windows.
  5. They are versatile: They are a versatile choice for your living room or bedroom. Additionally, they are a great choice for offices and other commercial premises. Due to the suitability of all the shapes and sizes, they can be utilised in any window. You can also customise the blinds as per your needs and requirements.
  6. They are simple to replace: Just like many items, they require replacing too from time to time. There can be general wear and tear when they age. Also, you might be planning to redecorate your home or office. So, you will need to replace them with an appropriate blind that can complement your new decor. Moreover, they can be fitted in your windows easily. You don't need to put all your efforts into this task. 

How to clean the vertical blinds?

The best part about fitting the blinds is that they are easy to maintain. Dirt and dust can be rid of when the louvres are cleaned with a damp cloth. Although cleaning the rail can be time-consuming, you can clean them occasionally by unclipping and wiping them with a wet cloth. You can also utilise a silicone spray in tiny amounts into the side rail. But make sure you don't stain the fabric of the louvres. You can use fabric stain removers for more stubborn stains but ensure that they are utilised in check with the instructions given by the manufacturer.

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