Our Body can Benefit From Alkaline Water


Alkaline water is the new health craze, but does it work? Is there a catch to this hype or are people just investing in something that will never be worth their money. Alkalinity measures how much acid exists within pure waters from natural springs etc. since acidic levels average around pH2-4 while basic ones hover between 8 and 14 with 10 being neutral. Let’s take a look at what alkalinity actually means so we can find out if all these claims about an “alkaline lifestyle" have any merit! 

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Is Alkaline Water Really Good for Our Body?

Alkaline water can have a pH level of 8 or higher. The “alkaline” refers to the acidity in these waters, so it's not uncommon for them to be 7-9 on average - meaning they are neither acidic nor basic (basic being above Seven). There is some debate about whether this makes your body healthier but many people do drink alkalized beverages just because their taste buds enjoy it more than regular tap. In order to have a pH level higher than 7, you will need an alkaline water filter or mineralized tap. 

Acidic water causes corrosion of metal, but alkaline can accelerate the scale build-up in pipes and appliances. Over pH 7 is considered neutral or basic so it won't have any adverse effects on your drinking vessel. If you're using an acidic drinkable resource such as municipal tap water there's nothing wrong with that - just make sure to treat it like a spoonful of baking soda when rinsing out dishes by adding some citric acid into hot suds before washing away all those pesky food filth.

In a study conducted by the experts, it was found that alkaline waters protected against bone resorption and enhanced mineral density. The conclusion suggests “a bicarbonate-rich or calcium-rich water decreased osteoporosis more so than acidic ones." While not all studies have been completed in this area yet, there is evidence to suggest how alkaline drinking can help with your health.

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How Can We Get Alkaline Water Easily?

Some people may think that paying for alkaline water is more expensive than buying other types, but this isn't true. The average price of bottled brands can be similar to normal bottles when considering how much better they are for you and the environment. However, if we're looking at a plastics pollution perspective then there's no reason not to get our pH-balanced drink from another source too. 

The in-home systems ensure you can have delicious tasting alkalines with no hassle at all by simply using your home's faucet. If this sounds interesting and feasible enough for your household then try one out today; they really do offer great functionality so it'll be worth every penny spent on them plus more besides if buying new appliances isn't possible right now due to their budget constraints or financial limitations (or both).

A great solution to alkaline water is the in-home alkaline system. The systems ensure you can enjoy tasty, high-quality drinking with low maintenance and an easy installation process that takes little space on your countertop or tabletop. For those who want even more benefits from their filter pitcher such as softening calcium deposits in pipes by magnetizing them so they pass easier through plumbing without getting stuck onto each other plus adding trace minerals back into our bodies after being removed by purification processes - here’s everything about these popular products: Reverse osmosis machines (which use pressure instead pressurized), Alkaline Water Filters Pitchers.

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