The Loyalty Program Toolkit

With direct access to our award winning Loyalty programs and guidance, save time, effectively update your systems with instant access and guide to managing your relationships. Create or add to your current systems using the tools contained in the award winning Loyalty Program Toolkit. The tools contained in the Loyalty Program Toolkit include the following highly effective and practical enablers:

- Customer Appreciation and Loyalty: Manage customer loyalty programs effectively and efficiently by developing an appreciation for your valued customers. Recognize your valued customers by offering recognition rewards for their referrals and recommendations. Reinforce your brand value with customized customer appreciation programs. Make your customers the most important part of your organization by creating a Loyalty Program that shows them how important they are to you. The Loyalty Program Toolkit includes the following highly useful and powerful resources:

- Activity Cost Estimates: Utilize the activity cost estimates that are provided by the Loyalty Program to determine the overall savings associated with implementing your Loyalty Program. The toolkit includes the following useful and effective resources: Activity Cost Estimates, Activity Estimate Step 1, Activity Estimate Step 2, and Activity Estimate Step 3. The activity cost estimates will show you how implementing your Loyalty Program can help you reduce costs, such as labor costs, recruitment and training costs, as well as service and installation costs. The toolkit also includes a pre-activity survey that is used to develop a loyalty program and implement it according to the agreed upon objectives and schedule. The pre-activity survey helps you determine the areas of your company that may need the most improvements.

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Customer Loyalty Surveys and Results: One of the main things included in the Loyalty Program Toolkit is the Customer Loyalty Survey, which is created to help you measure customer loyalty and understand what actions your customers are taking regarding your program. The Customer Loyalty Survey provides comprehensive information about how loyal your customers are to your business and helps you build a targeted list of customers to better focus your marketing campaigns. The survey is available in English and Spanish. This toolkit also contains a questionnaire generator and a questionnaire book.

- Reward Programs and Rewards: The Loyalty Program Toolkit includes several methods to implement rewards and incentive programs within your Loyalty Program Management Plan (LPMS). These methods include custom reward programs and corporate rewards programs, including employee recognition, cash bonuses, free products and services, and the distribution of promotional items. The reward program can be incorporated into any or all phases of your Loyalty Program. For instance, if you are offering a loyalty bonus to new team members, a thank you gift for new recruits, and an employee appreciation program to top employees, each of these programs can be customized to suit your specific needs. They can also be implemented as part of your overall Loyalty Program Optimization.

- Self-assessment: A Loyalty Program self assessment is another important component of the Loyalty Program Toolkit. This section is designed to help you determine your own personal strengths and weaknesses that are associated with a particular aspect of your program, and to help you develop ways to address these weaknesses. The Self-assessment section includes several questions designed to gather general information on your attitudes and behaviors related to your work, family, hobbies, values, beliefs, and other aspects of your life. The Self-assessment section also includes demographic information that will help you accurately determine your target audience and design your program. The self assessment tool can be used in conjunction with a Loyalty Survey to generate a customized loyalty survey, and can be used to compare different variables that were measured in the survey with those measured in the self-assessment.

- Customer engagement: The third section of the Loyalty Program Toolkit is devoted to measuring customer satisfaction and customer retention with your company. This section provides data on customer satisfaction from customer surveys and focus groups as well as other means available at your disposal to get the feedback you need. The objective of this section is to generate a Loyalty Survey as well as an online questionnaire that can be used by your employees to learn about customer satisfaction and the types of issues they most commonly experience when dealing with customers. The information generated from the surveys and questionnaires can be combined to formulate a Loyalty Program Design that addresses customer satisfaction, engagement, return on investment, and other important areas of interest to your company. This tool is especially useful for small businesses that do not yet have an established loyalty program, or for businesses that are developing a program.

The Loyalty Program Toolkit offers many other important tools to help you implement a successful program management strategy. The complete package includes a variety of information and research samples that you can use to design the perfect loyalty programs. The tools also include valuable tips on how to use them to best benefit your company.

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