The underlying advantage of aluminium



Nowadays, manufacturers design their packages based upon customer preferences. They think about the customer demands, convenience, environmental concern and acceptability before fully delving deep into the production process. Packaging is a vital part of every production process because by safeguarding the product it enables safe transportation from one place to another (be it local, regional and even global). For example, due to packages being strong enough, companies can distribute the food products worldwide. To save time, people are using pre-cooked meals, frozen and canned food products, all of this is possible because of strong packaging. 

Benefits of using aluminium packaging

Aluminium is highly corrosion resistant and provides ample protection against oxygen, light, ultraviolet rays, water vapour, fat and oils, bacteria and other such microorganisms. Sensitive products such as medicine, food do not get tainted and perfectly retain their properties when packaged using aluminium. The extra barrier that aluminium provides keeps the products warm and fresh, giving all kinds of protection from external influences. These features also elongate the shelf life of the products. 

Application of aluminium in the packaging industry

Aluminium foils

Aluminium foils are one of the most prominent and useful packaging products made out of aluminium. Since the year 2000, the demand for aluminium foils has increased a lot. The use of aluminium foils, especially in the ever-growing food industry, is the reason for this massive growth in the production process. 

Close to 75% of the aluminium foils are used as the packaging material. Food, pharmaceutical companies use these flexible and semi-rigid foils for packing consumption material and medications. The rest of the 25% is used in technical applications such as insulation, air conditioning, heat exchanges of cars, etc. 

Aluminium cans

Constant use of bottles made of polyethene has created a negative impact on the environment, especially for sea life. Therefore beverages and soft drinks companies are adapting to aluminium bottles and cans instead of using plastic as the packaging material for their product. Because of their unique decorative ability, lightweight, durability, and infinitely recyclable characteristics, aluminium cans have become much more acceptable to the companies. And its result is clearly observable in the increasing usage of aluminium cans all over Europe and the United States.

The metallic shine of aluminium and the ability to sustain all printing techniques has opened the door to the branded companies to use aluminium as the packaging material of choice. The promotional effect created by the metal is second to none. Considering the packaging of the material an important benefit is that aluminium surfaces can be easily stamped and can be given the required shapes without much complexity. 

A promising feature of aluminium is that it can be heated to a great extent without melting or affecting the shape of the container.

Except for these highlighted products, aluminium is used to create other instruments and tools that are used daily. It adds to the cause of a green environment because the energy consumption while recycling aluminium is 90% less than producing new.