Types and benefits of timber flooring

Melbourne is the best place to invest in Australia. According to a report, property prices have continued to grow in the city. Additionally, it remains the fourth fastest-growing market in the nation. So, if you are planning to either invest or sell your property, then Melbourne is the right place. Whatever the decision, you must consider renovating your home. 

Well, it is a very important aspect. So, you can start by choosing timber for the flooring. Hence, you can look for specialists that provide services like timber flooring in melbourne. After all, timber flooring can benefit you in many ways. But before you get to know the advantages, read on to learn the types.

What are the types of timber flooring?

Below listed are the different types of timber flooring, and you can choose the best from among them.

  1. Solid timber flooring: This flooring can be found in older homes and come in a varying range of colours. They are generally 19mm thick, and you can install them on joists and bearers or over concrete. There is a wide range of timbers attainable in the market. Solid floorboards allow you to pick either hard or softwoods for flexibility in colour and grain. Furthermore, this flooring is the most durable type. Also, you can upgrade the look of your flooring without replacing it by selecting a new colour for the finish.
  2. Solid timber overlay flooring: This flooring is 12 mm thick and can be installed over concrete. It can be obtained in different colours and grains. The solid timber overlay is reasonably priced.
  3. Floating timber floors: Floating timber floors are also known as timber laminate or engineered flooring. The floating timber floors have a thickness of 3 to 4mm, which limits the ability to be restored or re-sanded. They are an amazing option for cost-effective renovations to any type of floor. They are a popular choice and relatively easy to install. But this flooring may not be durable.
  4. Laminated flooring: Although they are an economical option, this flooring cannot be repaired easily. Plus, it is engineered similarly to the laminate used for kitchen counters. 

What are the benefits of timber flooring?

Timber flooring is the best choice when it comes to renovating or building. There are several benefits that make it a must-have. Below are the advantages of timber flooring.

  1. It makes your home look natural: Timber flooring can transform your home by giving it a natural look. There is a variety of flooring that can match the walls and attain the desired look. You can choose top-quality flooring and the colour of your preference.
  2. It contributes to healthier air and prevents allergens: One of the benefits of timber and wooden flooring is that it contributes to better indoor air. If you suffer from any allergens, then you need this type of flooring for your home. The hardwood flooring can absorb particles such as pollutants and dust. If you want to prevent allergies completely, you can look for wood or timber flooring.
  3. It is durable: Timber flooring is more durable than any other flooring type. Additionally, it is easy to clean and can easily trap dirt and allergens with a short lifespan. Hence, it is a better choice as compared to other floorings. If you purchase top-quality timber, you can ensure that your floor will last for many years. Plus, it can be re-used. Now that you know about its durability, you can search for specialists that provide services like timber flooring in melbourne.
  4. It can be maintained easily: You can use the antistatic mop to collect dust and sand each week. Also, you can use a damp mop or a cleaning product to clean every month. Make sure that the glazing company recommends the cleaning product. For the flooring to last longer, you must avoid wet mopping the floor or utilising steam mops. The floor might require repainting or varnishing after ten years or more to regain its natural beauty.

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