Useful Work From Home Apps and Tools

Working from home has never been more accessible, or easier. Simply sitting at your desk and opening up everything that you need to do your job is now at the tip of your fingers. 

We are in the era of the remote working revolution, in which Millennials prefer a new job because of its flexibility in terms of working hours and location. Employers are increasingly recognizing that a home office may really boost productivity, and because of advances in technology, setting up a professional working environment at home that promotes efficiency has never been easier.

Here is a list of all the apps and tools you need for a smooth work from home day.

Google workspace

Google Workspace is a set of tools designed specifically for WFH workers. Google Workspace's collaborative nature makes it especially beneficial for remote employees who need to communicate with coworkers regularly.

Video conferencing tool Google Meet, group messaging application Google Chat, and Calendar - which can be connected with the schedules of people you work with - are just a few of the apps available. Google Sheets, Docs, and Slides allow many people to collaborate on documents at the same time for such projects. Then there's Gmail, Google's email program, which is used by more than 1.5 billion people across the world.

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most widely used platforms for storing and sharing information among teams. It lets you exchange documents, audio files, movies, presentations, and photographs with members of your distant team. Furthermore, the data saved on Google Drive is extremely safe, and you have complete control over who you share your files and documents with.

Additionally, accessing it to share photos on your social media has never been simpler. 


Asana is a project management tool that makes it simple to organize and track tasks. Users may also create team pages for discussion and idea sharing. Additionally, it is possible to change the settings so that they only receive notifications for significant events, rather than every change in the system. 

Asana provides a variety of project tracking options, so everyone can see their tasks the way they choose.


One of the most popular professional talking apps is Slack. It’ll be challenging to find a workplace where this iconic app isn't in use.

It's about time you tried Slack if you haven't already. You can set up channels for multiple teams or themes, ensuring that each piece of information has its own home. Additionally, navigating within the shared information is a breeze.

Slack is compatible with hundreds of apps, online booking systems, and a variety of essential remote working solutions.


TeamViewer is a powerful remote assistance, access, and online meeting software that enables you to assist clients remotely, collaborate with colleagues from afar, and stay connected with your own equipment. TeamViewer is a robust and easy-to-use technology that is used by individuals as well as huge organizations. With TeamViewer, users can access other people's computers if they have the same application installed, and have shared the appropriate login information.


Zoom is a famous and well-known video-conferencing program that allows you to connect visually and audibly with groups of people in order to stay in touch and keep the daily processes running smoothly. Its conference call services amaze everyone, as Zoom can accommodate up to 1,000 video participants and 10,000 spectators, making it one of the most popular communication tools among WFH professionals across the world. You can use Zoom to hold live meetings and video webinars, as well as record them for later viewing.


Basecamp is a project management application developed to aid communication and workflow for WFH workers who operate frequently as part of a larger team. Instead of email chains, Basecamp provides a messageboard where individuals with access may publish updates and receive feedback, offering full control over a project from start to finish.

With important dates indicated in the project schedule, the To-Do section specifies required actions and assigns them to individual users. Docs & Files, on the other hand, holds all of the project's contents. Workers can register their duties and accomplishments using automatic check-in, which helps the rest of the team understand each other's roles.


Toggl is a straightforward remote team time management tool. It can be used to keep track of working hours in real time so that you and your team can stay productive and prevent procrastinating. With just one click, you can keep track of the time spent on each job and activity. It also has monitoring reminders that will alert you if you forget to start or stop the timer.

These are the most straightforward collection of apps and tools you absolutely need when working from home. There are, of course, many others that you can pick and choose from, but these ones are just the most widespread and popular. We hope that your WFH job is made easy by these helping tools!

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