Ways To Keep Your Backyard Trees Healthy

Trees are the most hard-working and valuable components of our landscape. They provide shade to our homes and neighborhoods and cut energy costs. Moreover, they increase the value of our property, add beauty and a calming presence to our daily lives. Besides these, they have a lot more benefits.

No matter if you have a backyard full of lush greenery of all types or only a few simple trees. It’s crucial to provide your greenery with the proper attention and care it needs to keep it growing strong. You need to provide them with proper tree trimming services when needed to maintain their beauty.

Proper maintenance of trees is important for their steady growth and lasting health. With this in mind, below are the ten tips to keep the trees of your backyard healthy.

Plant The Right Tree In The Right Place

Select a tree for your garden, then look for a spot that will receive sufficient sun. Also, you need to consider that the place has enough space for its full-grown shade. Before digging, you should be sure it’s not very close to electrical lines, undercover utility lines, or your house. Finally, please do not plant it excessively deeply.

Know Your Trees’ Requirements

Do some research and note down the necessities of your trees. Suppose you have no idea what exactly is growing in your backyard. You can see any good guide available online or can contact any arborist for the guide.

  • How Much Water Does The Tree Require And What Kind Of Soil Does It Prefer?

It’s crucial to understand a tree’s needed moisture conditions. Even if it’s getting enough water from rainfall alone, you need to take care of it. Ideally, the tree is seeded in the correct place and thriving in the existing conditions of the soil. If you are not clear if your tree is planted correctly, do not hesitate to get guidance from an arborist.

  • Is The Tree Drought-tolerant?

If your tree is not drought tolerant, keep a cautious eye on it. Particularly during times of drought and give it extra water as required.

  • What Is The Tree Sensitive to?

Some trees are sensitive to salty spray, drought, or too much water. Plus, there is also root competition from other plants. You need to know and understand these sensitivities and hide the tree from those stressors.

Check For Disease And Pests Frequently

To make sure your trees are in good health. It is extremely important to oversee them regularly for pest and disease issues. Indications to look out for include:
  • Damaged leaves.
  • Holes in branches/trunk.
  • Thinning.
  • Weak limbs.
  • And more.
Experts recommend having routine tree care from any certified arborist. It is vital to make sure your trees are in top health and shape. Moreover, remember that unwell trees do not only look poor, but they can also be harmful too if they fall.

Do Not Over Fertilize Or Overwater

You need to give little assistance to old trees when it comes to water and food. However, trees planted in the last four or five years benefit from extra watering and fertilizing. Huge trees can be destroyed by too much water and fertilizer.

Furthermore, they can also be worsened by the applications of garden and lawn herbicides.

Use Mulch

Mulch is a good way to make your trees stress-free, along with amplifying curb appeal to the overall residence. However, you should not do mulching randomly, and incorrect mulching can ruin your tree's roots. Therefore, it can do more damage than good.

You can get guidance on how to properly mulch your trees on different DIY videos. Also, you can hire a skilled person who can do this task for you.

Protect The Roots

Vehicles and huge equipment should not be allowed to be over the root areas of trees. The compact soil reduces available oxygen and can destroy roots. Also, you should not add or remove soil under tree canopies without the consultation of any certified arborist. Altering grades can also weaken trees and damage roots. Also, it often kills them or makes them more vulnerable to storm damage.

Routinely Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming is important to maintain the maximum health of any tree. Various tree types have different requirements to maintain a clean and healthy look. However, you should do little tree trimming as part of your routine gardening.

Also, reaching out to skilled and certified arborists routinely is important. It will make sure trees are pruned or trimmed as required and performed safely.


Trees can be one of the important elements of your house. It has numerous benefits. It enhances your property with beauty. Also, it provides relaxing shade, calmness and increases your house value.

They are extremely beneficial; therefore, you need to do every possible thing to keep it healthy. Take care of the trees by routinely checking them and trimming them to maintain their health and beauty.

Besides, if any of your trees get damaged, contact any tree removal company before it does any severe damage.

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