5 Reasons Why You Need Bubble Packaging For Your Business


An online business should rely on good marketing strategies to thrive. However, more than quality products, the goods should arrive at your clients in good condition. 

One good way on how to ensure that the items reach their new homes is using bubble mailers. But are they worth using for your products? Read more to find out.

Keep Your Products Safe from Damage

After the items leave your shop, you have no control over them. So, you can never be too complacent about how the courier handles your products while they are in transit. With the added padding, there is also more traction inside to prevent smaller items from sliding around.

Whether the goods you ship are fragile or not, it is always safe to have them bubble wrapped to ensure they reach their destinations in the same condition and quality as they left your shop. 

Prevent Your Products from Being Tampered With

It's one thing to avoid getting your products damaged, and it's another to not have them altered. You're never too sure about how your package gets handled. Bags with bubble padding have a special seal technology that prevents your items from being tampered with.

The seal on the bag not only protects the items from tamper, but it also stops your items from falling out especially small ones.

The Bags can be Repurposed as Bubble Wrap.

Although bubble mailers are not exactly reusable per se,  bubble wrapping can be recycled as bubble wrap. In addition, they can be cut open to be used by your customers if ever they need bubble wrap.

Not only can bubble wraps be used in moving boxes, or your clients can even use them if they ever need to send an item back to you.

They are Lightweight and Cheap

Don't be fooled by the bulky appearance; bubble packaging is air wrapped in plastic, which is very lightweight. So, it won't matter if you are shipping a heavy item. The bubble bags don't add any extra weight to your items.

Using bubble packaging is also cheaper than using boxes. You don’t have to use extra tape, strings, or plastic. The price of the bags is low in itself, and you can get them for a lower wholesale price when you buy in bulk.

They are More Convenient for You and Your Customers

Bubble mail bags are easier to pack and store. Because they are lightweight, you can easily stack them in a box and carry them around. They are also more compact than boxes that take up a lot of space when you’re packing orders.

It can also be more convenient for your customers by using bubble packaging as the plastic protects the items from damage and water. It also makes your items easier to carry and be transferred easily.

If you're still not using them, you should consider using bubble mailbags. There are a lot of advantages once you use them, aside from the fact that you are ensured that the products will get to their destinations in excellent condition. Because of this, you can quickly get good reviews from your customers that can quickly expand your business. 

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