Best Vitamins To Take On Daily Basis


When it comes to supplements and vitamins, most individuals don't know which ones are best for them. Is it necessary to take vitamins and supplements on a regular basis if you don't need them? The answer is no.

What daily vitamins and supplements I believe you should be taking. Vitamins aren't a big deal to me, so I stick to the basics. In my opinion, there are just a few important vitamins and supplements, and the rest may be tailored to your unique needs, based on your specific health situation.

Parental Supplement

So the first step is a daily multivitamin. There are many brands those are very good brands of vitamins and supplements. But you should take prenatal supplements. The reason why you should take it because it has more vitamin D in it and a little bit more Folic acid so you should consider it. I tend to like prenatal vitamins more for that reason. They tend to have a little bit more vitamin D. Prenatal vitamins have vitamin D3 a thousand units a day and some doctors do recommend 2000 a day so then you could supplement that with the separate vitamins D and just take a 1000 a day.

Omega-3 And Fish Oil

Some people have a lot of questions about omega-3s and fish oil that both are fantastic. They have been shown to be good for heart health also sometimes it helps with the joints too. So these vitamins are very important for your overall health and take one a day.

Turmeric Powder

If you are having inflammation, if you are having joint pain, if your muscles hurt, if you are having skin irritation and inflammation turmeric is good for you. You can use natural turmeric in cooking or take it with hot milk. It’s really good for above mentioned problems. As it is super great as a natural anti-inflammatory I absolutely love it. If you see it with cur cumin in supplement form that activates it even more and it’s fantastic. So I would highly recommend doing that whether they are in a liquid form or a pill form.

Folic Acid Or Folate

Folic acid or folate is also an essential vitamin that you should take it if you are pregnant or planning to be a pregnant as it is crucial vitamin for the health of baby. In addition, it aids in the production of new cells in the body and prevents cancer-causing DNA alterations. Folic acid or folate is consumed by the people who are anaemic or have a folate deficiency.  



There are many brands who offer vitamin supplements in gummies flavours for those who reluctant to have it. I was also one of them so I just tried gummies flavoured multivitamin and it was just amazing. So if you are also like me who don’t like multivitamins natural flavour go for the gummies flavour.  Because they are kind of like candy, they taste really good. 

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