Conducting Business in Time of Pandemic: An Era of B2B Portals

The COVID-19 outbreak had a negative impact on many companies. Businesses, as well as the world economy as a whole, found themselves in recession. However, it led to an issue on how to create reliable supply chains that do not break and to rapid growth in the digitalization of businesses, including B2B companies. 

Due to digital changes, many companies were able to “survive” during the period of isolation.  Moreover, it gave an opportunity to get more customers due to an increase in their number in e-commerce. Indeed, the B2B web portal development has become more than just a possibility. Now it is a necessity caused not only by isolation but also by the changing business model patterns of B2B. Let's take a look at why b2b web portal development is vital not only in times of crisis.

Electronic document interchange and digital signature

Electronic document interchange and online document signing with digital signature are B2B sales tools of first priority. And this feature will be actively developed over the next few years in online wholesale. 

B2B web portal development involves integration with specialized EDI providers who are licensed to exchange documents, secure them, etc. They also include providers offering specialized B2B sales technologies to exchange documents online, also with digital signatures. So, it is possible to sign documents online and immediately forward them to your contractors due to interaction with EDI and EDS systems. Documents can be signed and processed “in a single window” without leaving the B2B platform. One of the b2b portal development companies providing such an opportunity is AGORA. 

Communication tools

The b2b web portal development suggests the possibility to integrate it with a communication service, for example, VoxImplant-based. In fact, this gives the buyer the opportunity to call the marketplace manager directly and online, hold a video conference and discuss all the issues. And it is possible to conduct all these actions directly within the personal account of the b2b platform.

It is likely that the communication module in the coming years will also actively penetrate the sales technology of B2B platforms and marketplaces. That is, wholesale customers will be able to contact the manager not only via messages or chat. The video/audio communication subsystem will gradually be implemented for all projects of b2b and b2c portal development.

Logistics calculation tools

There is a clear demand to implement in each project of b2b and b2c portal development a logistics module to calculate terms and costs of delivery.  And it will not be a simple solution, adapted to the requirements of a particular platform.

Today, there are no ready-made online B2B sales tools in logistics. However, it is an essential component of the transport management system (TMS). Due to the TMS module, any user can immediately see the exact terms and costs of delivery to the target destination. It is especially important for companies with multiple delivery points at once. The logistics calculation module will automatically evaluate the exact cost of delivery, thus saving a significant amount of managers' time. And at the same time, it makes the use of a portal or marketplace more comfortable for clients.

To learn more about all the technologies, tools, and new cases of b2b web portal development, visit Agora's website or contact manager here.

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