Flower Offering Ideas To Suit Different Occasions

Flower Offering Ideas

 Flowers bless our eyes and nose with their beauty and fragrance. They are one of the most beautiful things known to mankind. Flowers are like the jewelry of nature. They adorn our planet Earth in the best way possible. You couldn't think of an alternative to flowers even if you tried your best. That's just how incomparable the beauty of flowers is. You can not replace flowers with anything else in this world even if you tried your best. The usage of flowers is not just limited to beautifying the earth, though. Flowers have so many different uses. They are the primary food of so many birds, animals, and insects. Hence, flowers play a vital role in the ecosystem. Flowers contribute to the making of products that we consume and use in our day-to-day lives. We offer flowers to the almighty as a form of worship. As if that was not enough, flowers are also exchanged widely amongst humans in human society to express different emotions. It is said and believed that different flowers carry a different symbolism. So, before you give your next flower bouquet to your loved ones, make sure you go through this little guide that teaches you about the most appropriate flowers for different occasions. 

Red Roses To Show Feelings of Love 

You must already know enough about this one. It is pretty much universal that people show their feelings of love with a single red rose. A bunch of red roses can also be used but that is often associated with a more matured part of the relationship. People often carry a single red rose to sow the seeds of their relationship as they make their confession of love to their love interest. Cake With Flowers is also pretty popular. You must have read enough about it in books and watched a lot of it in the cinema that red flowers, especially red roses are the flowers of love. 

Marigolds To Extend Condolences 

This one might come across as a little bit of a shocker but marigolds are used to show condolences. Marigolds are widely used in funerals of all sorts. It is because of the bright orange color that they are often related to positivity and divinity and those are two things that any grieving person needs. So, be it in a garland form or as a bouquet, you can use a bunch of marigolds to extend your comfort to the people mourning at a funeral. 

White Daisies To Wish Good Luck 

If you know anything about colors, you must know that white is one of the most innocent colors ever. It is pure and symbolizes new beginnings. It is like a fresh white sheet of paper. You can fill it up any way you want. White daisies stand for something similar and are the perfect flowers for when you need to wish someone the best of luck. It will put a smile on anyone's face to know that you care enough about them to give them good luck flowers. Don't confuse white flowers to be funeral flowers. White flowers are also widely used in other events and wishing good luck to someone is one of those events. 

Sunflowers To Cheer Someone Up

Sunflowers are the type of flowers that make you happy the moment you think of them. They get their name from their tendency of facing the sun while they are in full bloom. They love the sun and as you must already know, the sun gives out positivity and the vibes of sunlight are cheerful. So, it is pretty much understandable why people consider sunflowers to be one of the happiest flowers ever. Sunflowers are widely exchanged amongst humans in times of happiness. This is because sunflowers are known to multiply happiness. You can also give sunflowers to someone who is mad at you or is upset because of you. Who knows if this person melts at the sight of sunflowers and gives you a big hug with a big smile? All yellow flowers and not just sunflowers can be used to do this. Sunflowers are just the most loved yellow flowers ever. Yellow flowers also signify strong friendships.