How to choose the right laptop as per your needs?

The right laptop for yourself will depend on what you use your laptop for. If you are a student and only use the laptop for studying and assignments, you can buy a laptop under 20000

But if you have more requirements from the laptop, like gaming or installing and using video editing software, or editing sound, you should opt for more expensive laptops. Yet if you are tight on your budget, you can check the best laptops under 50000

Operating System - To choose the right laptop for yourself, you need to know more about the operating systems or the OS.  There are four major operating systems, and each harnesses its strengths and its weaknesses. 

-Windows: This is best if you opt for Microsoft apps like MS Office, Outlook or Access.

-macOS: This is for beginners, but it's tightly coupled with the company's hardware.

-Chrome OS: This is an ideal option under a tight budget. The catch is that apps like Microsoft Office will not run on this. 

-Linux: If you don't need MS Office and Adobe's Creative Suite, you can install Linux on any piece of laptop hardware

Processor - Once you have decided on your operating system, you can now start looking at the Processor or the CPU. Two leading companies make laptop processors: Intel and AMD.

The two processors have both advantages and disadvantages, and it is you who will decide which one to go for, depending on your priorities. For example, if you are a graphic designer or video editor, AMD might be your go-to Processor, but Intel can also be a good choice if you need it for other purposes.

Random-access memory or RAM - RAM is what your laptop uses to hold data while the Processor does things with it. Thus, the more, the better. However, there is no such thing as too much memory! Because if you do not have enough memory space, your laptop will tend to freeze and need to be restarted. 

Eight gigabytes of RAM should be plenty for the average Windows user, though a higher RAM will make your laptop that much more capable. But, again, if you are a programmer or video editor, you will want a minimum of 16 GB.

Storage - The new storage system, the SSD, makes it easier for the storage facility to run on a laptop. It is also faster than the traditional HDD. There are different variants of SSD that are available on laptops. The 126 GB and 256 GB SSD. The latter is a good start if you can afford it. If you are using HDD Laptops, the right choice is not to go below 1TB because storage plays a very important role in the function of a laptop.

Reviews - Reviews are of great help when you are searching for the best laptop for yourself. You might find many details on the internet, and they might make you more confused. This happens especially if you are a first-time buyer.  And the people who have used it can always tell you about the actual performance of the device. So it is better to read the online reviews of several laptops before you make your decision to buy one. 

When you have figured out your requirements, you can figure out the perfect laptop for yourself. The market is full of different kinds of laptops. You tell the retailer your budget, and you would be overwhelmed with hundreds of options. But each of them has its strengths and weaknesses. It is only you who can figure out what your priorities are in a laptop. 

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