The Key to Successful Marriage

Planning for your wedding is an exciting time, and it can be hard to imagine that you and your spouse might not live happily ever after like in the fairytales. Our society has a bubble in which they make the young generation think that getting married is the real hurdle and afterward it is all happiness. However, it is not the case at all. The actual trial comes after marriage, and if you are not prepared for it, it would be difficult for you to carry on with your partner. 

Sharing your life with another person is very challenging. Marriages require work, commitment, love, and most importantly, respect. It is the only key to a truly happy and successful marriage. However, love and respect do not just happen on their own. Both partners have to play their part for it. It can be confusing at first, but you have to remember your love and dedication to your spouse above all problems. 

Here are some essential key points to work on every day with your spouse to make your married life happy, content, and successful:

1- Communicate Clearly 

Communicating with your spouse on time is one of the best ways to keep your marriage healthy, prosperous, and respectful. You should be honest about what you are feeling, but be kind and respectful when communicating it to your spouse. 

For good communication, you have to be a good listener and take the time to learn what your spouse wants and needs from you. Experts recommend that you keep the lines of communication open by talking often, not just about utility bills and the kids. You must share your thoughts and feelings instead of bottling them. 

2- Appreciate Each Other 

You should appreciate each other, your relationship, family, and lives together to build a happy home. Express love and gratitude when your partner cooks dinner helps the kids with their homework or does the grocery shopping. 

It is the little things that matter a lot. Moreover, make a habit of showing your appreciation at the end of each day, as it will increase your love and respect for the other person. Do not hesitate to appreciate your better half. 

3- Make Time for Yourself as a Couple

Life can change drastically after having kids. Most couples drift apart because of the new set of responsibilities. Therefore, you must take some time for each other at some part of the day to catch up, express love, or even just listen to the other person's day. It is these little things in which love is hidden and makes you stronger as a couple. 

4- Plan for Personal Time 

Some alone time together is just as important as couple time. Married couples need time to revive, think, and enjoy personal interests in the company of their loved ones. This time if lost once you have kids, which makes the couple drift apart. Therefore, you should plan occasional dinner with friends or alone, do some volunteer work together, or find a hobby. The bottom line is you need to find something that both of you can do together. It will give you more time, and you will reconnect with your partner. This way, you will also appreciate each other more. 

5- Understand your Difference of Opinion 

You have to understand the fact that you both will not necessarily agree on everything. Give each other space to express your likes and dislikes and never force your decision on one another. Being considerate and open to disagreement is the key to balanced marriage life. You should listen to your spouse's point of view before coming to a final verdict.

Do not get angry or frustrated if things do not go your way. The best thing is to find a middle ground on which both the partners agree. Even if one of you gets angry, they should walk it off before saying something they regret later. 

Discuss your problems in a relaxed and calm manner. Be open to compromise as well, but do not be the only one to compromise every time. Both partners need to understand that they have to be flexible with their mutual decisions, and stubbornness will only cause more trouble. 

6- Build Trust 

Couple counselors have found that criticism, stonewalling, dishonor, defensiveness, and judgment are serious threats to a marriage. The more a couple practices them in their relation, it will cause long-term destruction in their relationship. Experts also found that spouses who know the limits in their fights and only communicate the problem without being hostile are the ones whose marriage has the most success rate. Such couples are also more likely to respond quickly to each other's wishes and makeup after their fights right away. 

7- Always Forgive 

No one is perfect and can make mistakes. Your spouse can also make mistakes and hurt your feelings unknowingly, but you should point them out so that they do not repeat them. You must learn to be patient and forgiving with your partner to retain your love. Do not bottle your feelings, and you should express them. However, when your spouse corrects their mistake, do not keep holding it. Learn to let it go for your and your partner's happiness. Move on and do not bring up the past all the time, as it can adversely affect your relationship.


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