Uss Express employer reviews and the company’s image on Indeed and Glassdoor

How to leave and study testimonials about jobs from Uss-Express LLC on Indeed and Glassdoor

In order to get closer acquainted with the peculiarities of working in the company on different positions, we first should mention a few words about its activity on the international market. Uss-Express is an international provider of various logistics services, including overseas delivery and dropshipping. In addition to that, the company is known as a highly productive partner for ecommerce businesses that can help not only deliver goods but find and buy wholesale products of the highest quality as well.

Uss-Express is an employer that regularly hires new people to make the process of execution of their services faster and more effective. As we may understand from the feedback of their client from Florida left on Indeed, this strategy works:

“Recently I made an order for a product via the Internet with the help of Uss Express and was very pleased. The goods arrived very quickly and at an adequate rate, everything was as it should be.”

Right now they offer such vacancies as a logistics manager, quality manager, and ecommerce specialist. And in order to figure out whether it’s relevant to send a resume for one of the offered positions, let’s take a look at some employees flexible reviews left on business accounts of this company verified by Glassdoor and Indeed.  

Don’t google for the qualifications and degrees needed for a logistics worker because uss express doesn’t require them. Their HR management specialists pay more attention to very specific skills. As their former quality control manager wrote on Indeed:

“The company has very strict rules for the confidentiality of personal data. They also require you to constantly be in touch”.

Simply hired workers here are required to show great performance but one more benefit for them is that they are given all the essential instructions. The user of Indeed from NY admits that “there was a tough selection, although work from home. But they took me in a week, as they have been considering the candidacy for a long time. Of course, they taught me, showed all the nuances, down to the smallest detail.” Besides, there’s a possibility to work from home as a part-timer so there shouldn’t occur problems with the compiling of a flexible work schedule.

Of course, all these aspects are important but people need to earn money. Actually, this is what they do with Uss-Express – part-timers get up to $ 1,700 per month and full-timers receive up to $ 3,200 per month or even more. What’s more important, as the above-mentioned user from NY said, “I get my salary on time, without delays”.

Conclusion about work from home at Uss-Express Delivery LLC

Having studied reviews on Uss Express, we would like to sum it up.


  • Competitive salary
  • Work from Denver, Florida, California, Chicago or other locations – the work might be remote
  • Flexible schedule and ability to work part-time
  • Clear instructions and responsive coordinators
  • Degree isn’t necessary
  • Payments without delays


  • Routine work
  •  A lot of details you must be attentive too
  • Poor career development


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