Virtual Business Address: Meaning, Benefits, And How They Work!

Globally, businesses worldwide are re-evaluating their real estate footprint in today's altered work environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We learned from the pandemic that a company's flexibility and agility are crucial when adapting to unforeseen conditions - such as operating from a virtual or remote location due to a global pandemic. 

Undeniably, the future is unpredictable, and it is now clear that having a virtual office solution is vital to stay ahead of any potential changes in the work environment. A virtual business address or virtual mailbox is among the most effective forms of remote working. How do you have a work address, and what are the benefits of having one? Read on to learn more!

Virtual Business Addresses - What Are They?

You can select to receive your business mail and packages at this address, located at a post office or in an upscale office building. A PO box cannot be used for business mail, and neither can a post office box be used to register a new business or to receive packages for your new business.

Virtual business addresses are also known as virtual mailboxes. They give these professionals the ability to use a physical address in large and small markets alike. Thus, it's ideal for those wishing to use Grand Central Station or the renowned AON Center in Chicago as their official address instead of their home address. 

How Do Virtual Business Addresses Work?

You can receive your mail using a virtual business address by following these steps:  

  • As your prestigious work address, choose any location nationwide.

  • Make sure your mail is delivered to your new business address.

  • Your mail will be received and sorted by administrative professionals at your work address.

  • You can receive mail in any convenient manner: in-person pick-up, mail scanning over the cloud, or mail forwarding. You can also have checks directly deposited by representatives.

  • There you go; setting up a virtual mailbox is a fast and easy way to receive your mail. Today, it is not required to use your address to send and receive business collateral. As well, you will have a professional team of administrative support handling all client drop-offs. In addition to all the mail, they will receive any payment you expect or any other pertinent documentation on your behalf.

Benefits Associated With A Virtual Business Address

  • Virtual business addresses are necessary for people operating from home or expanding their business into new markets.

  • The pros of working from a business space over working from home include saving time and money. When you have your home address, your business address is not as professional nor offers the same level of privacy as having a separate virtual business address. The use of your home address as your business mailing address makes it difficult to protect your privacy and your family. It will be a challenge to apply for a loan or register your business with your home address.

  • The needs and objectives of a business change as it grows. Despite having a business address and possibly a physical office, many companies do not have the resources to expand into other cities, states, or countries. Various platforms allow them to add multiple virtual business addresses and make it easy for customers to locate and reach them in several new markets.


Adding another address is as simple as clicking a button. The largest network of virtual business addresses globally has over 600 sites across the U.S. and abroad. Each features a digital mailbox so you can view and manage your mail and packages from anywhere via iPhone and Android apps or online.

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