What are the different types of PG Courses offered by ICRI as part of its online program courses?

What are the different types of PG Courses offered by ICRI as part of its online program courses?


ICRI offers many kinds of online learning courses that students can pick up. The institution offers PG, Masters, Bachelors and MBA degrees and diplomas. It specialises in courses such as aviation management, healthcare, and logistics (and supply chain management). In this article, we will talk about aviation management and logistics and healthcare management in the PG level. Aimed at professional development, the courses provide operational and functional industry knowledge for young professional who wish to get lucrative jobs in the industry of their choosing. These courses help in preparing students in their analytical skills through various types of online and offline projects. While some courses require mentoring, others offer once in a lifetime opportunity to sit down with industry leaders in seminars and guest lectures. For example, the aviation management course on the PG level helps students develop their skills in computer skills and softwares that are an industry standard. Value addition workshops, as part of the course, also helps in driving analytical skills, problems solving abilities and report writing.

So, what are the finer details of these courses?

Online Aviation Programs / Aviation Certificate Programs Online

An under-graduation degree in aviation management by ICRI is one of those essential programs that one must go through to enter the aviation industry in India and abroad. This incorporates the business side and common aviation management related skills. A degree in aviation industry from ICRI shows both the wide and specific administration abilities in respect with aviation management that you will require to help your career escalate to another level.

The recognition you receive by doing the aviation management course from ICRI includes and offers a wide range of skills for you. The course will assist you with setting up an expansive and top to bottom understanding of the various verticals and the business ventures within the industry too. Endless supply of the aviation management recognition – as a graduate from ICRI, you will have specialized information and the abilities to prevail in the aviation industry. You can even turn into a flight supervisor through this or become an executive in the aviation management vertical.

The structure of the aviation PG program is as following:

Semester I

· In-flight Services and Crises Management

· Airport Ground Handling and Operations

· Aviation Enterprise Management

· Personality Development and English Language

· French Language

· Aviation Communication

Semester II

· Airline Ground Operations and In-flight

· Aviation Law and Safety, Security

· Travel & Tourism Management

· Hospitality and Public Relations

· Business Communications

· Computer Applications

Healthcare Management

Students today can enter numerous areas of research within the healthcare industry. A PhD in Healthcare & Hospital Management, reports suggest, has the possibility of opening up various avenues for the students that can pick up teaching assignments that are suitable to their skills. They may also function in senior positions that generally open for the students in the healthcare industry.

The PhD programme offered by ICRI in healthcare management has an important component in one semester called Research methodology. This is generally held regularly at the ICRI campus. Students that study this course are equipped with knowledge and skills to identify a guide/mentor and work with them to develop a general synopsis of their research specialisation that can become the topic of their thesis if it is accepted by the research committee. Of course, the thesis and the PhD that student work in take place in accordance with the UGC guidelines of 2009.

The minimum stipulated period that is given to students to finish their thesis is 3 years. Once completed, the student must present their thesis to the committee.

ICRI provides PhD in Hospital Management through a meticulously constructed distance learning course that functions in the format of online courses that teach hospital administration, offer part time courses in hospital management and long-distance correspondence courses in hospital management. Those candidates that do not have a lot of knowledge of the healthcare industry usually undergo a six month long academic stream that covers various areas of the basics of the healthcare industry.

Many of the modules within the healthcare management courses cover the foundations of the healthcare industry. These include: Operations & Administration/ Planning and development / Marketing and public affairs / Government relations / Material management / Purchasing / Health Information / Human resources / Quality Analysts in Research Centers.

Logistics 6 months program – a PG diploma in logistics courses

The entire 6-month program or a PG diploma in logistics courses is divided into two semesters. Each semester teaches students the different aspects of supply chain management and logistics tool by learning the tools it utilises to confirm buying, inventory management and control, supplier acquisition and development, customer service tools, logistics, and distribution channels. The breakdown of each semester is as following:

Semester I

· Logistics and Supply Chain Management

· E-Commerce and applications of ICT in SCM

· Retailing Management

· Distribution Management and Logistics

· Customer Relationship Management

· Financial Management

Semester II

· Warehouse Management and Inventory Control

· Transportation Management

· Organizational Behaviour

· Service Operations Management

· Management of Information System

· Dissertation


But what kind of opportunities does this program present?

After studying the PG diploma course in logistics and supply chain management, ICRI helps students in working with various companies such as DHL, FedEx, ESSAR, AFL etc.


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