5G in Australia

The increasing dependency of people on internet and digital platforms for various purposes has led to an increase in demand for high quality internet. 5G technology, which is revolutionising the Internet industry with its high speed and high-quality services, is still to be accessed in most parts of the World. However, with rising demand for high-octane data, Australia is also beginning to shift to 5G. It was reported that between 2019 and 2021, there was a staggering 88% jump in the number of internet users in Australia.

 Refer to the 5G coverage map in Australia to understand how the country has already begun incorporating super-speed internet into its endless list of advances. Currently, Australia houses 22.31 million internet users. To put that into perspective, Australia in 2021 has a population of 25.89 million. Read on for more info on 5G coverage in Australia.

What Is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation standard of technology for cellular devices. It is the successor of 4G and was started in 2019. 5G will essentially serve the same purpose as the 4G cellular services, albeit with greater bandwidth and a much greater download speed, and is predicted to go up to 10 gigabytes per second. 

Benefits of 5G

  • Greater Network Capacity: 5G has the ability to keep a larger number of people connected at the same time.

  • Faster Speed: Downloads and searches will be much quicker owing to the increased bandwidth. Moreover, gaming and real-time experiences will be much more seamless.

  • Lower Network Latency: It ensures lesser lags, much faster real-time connectivity, and across many more networks.

5G Coverage Within Australia

Few network providers in Australia have worked on 5G projects. All these data providers release the 5G rollouts to help their users understand the bandwidth and coverage they can get across cities in Australia. 

According to reports issued by top 5G data providers in Australia, it has been estimated that 60 cities and towns across the countries have more than 900+ 5G network sites. These network sites are using a 3.6 GHz range to maintain the supply of 5G technology to almost 426,000 Australians across Canberra, Central Coast, Brisbane, Sidney, Cairns, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Hamilton, Melbourne, Perth and several other towns and cities. 

In the last two years, the dependency on the Internet has risen more because of the work-from-home culture. The number of Internet connections installed during the lockdown period has boosted the sales of data network providers by almost 80%. With increased demand and expectations, data providers must let the users be aware of their 5G coverage map in Australia to help them plan to switch to the 5G network as soon as they want.

The 5G cellular data has its advantages, and people are keen to explore the new technology. The coverage maps you can find on the Internet allow you to check and see whether your area comes under the radar of a 5G network cell. Depending on the results you get, you can reach out to the data network providers to install and activate your 5G Internet plans. 

Make sure you check the updated network coverage plans as the companies add and subtract data cells from their maps. There are many free platforms where you can access 5G network coverage maps in Australia. Make sure you check the source before you believe the results. 

With an extensive range of development plans underway, it is only a matter of time before the entire country has access to the new generation of cellular data.