Be prepared for any situation at 40

 Being prepared for any contingencies is always an important issue. Similar to saving money for economic risks, you also have to guard against risks at work, which can affect your career.

If you focus only on the current smooth phase, forgetting to take precautions, you can easily create trouble for yourself in the future. Will your company still have steady growth the next day, next month or next year? Is this industry still growing? Will your income be cut, will you become a loser?

People who lack a sense of crisis are easily caught up in the trends of the environment and fall into confusion. Only when you prepare for the worst can you be confident for the second half of your life.

Especially for middle-aged people, after turning 40 years old, no matter how capable they are, they have to leave themselves 4 ways back to stabilize as follows:


01. Continue to “charge the battery” and start “multi-tasking”

When a person enters middle age, they will face great competitive pressures. The young generation with passion and enthusiasm, even many people like "wave after wave before wave", have greater courage and adaptability, are ready to receive lower salaries. This creates the risk of being fired for the old generation of employees.


It is the factor of underemployment and income reduction that will give middle-aged people a sense of economic crisis. Some people are even depressed and insecure because they are afraid that in the future they will no longer have enough conditions to take care of their families.


In fact, a lot of people will get stuck in this spiral because they put all their heart, time and effort into a single official job. This is similar to the “put all your eggs in one basket” situation. When that basket is in danger, you lose all of your eggs.


Meanwhile, the more the era develops, the more marginal business activities also increase. An office worker can also do business online on the Internet easily. When there are several jobs in hand, losing one does not pose a problem affecting "survival".


Someone asked, why don't you just do one job, take on so many jobs, why do you work so hard? This person replied: "We must constantly receive new knowledge and constantly learn new areas, we can keep up with the times."


Learning is the most effective way to "charge the battery" so that we are always in the best state, ready to face external difficulties. If you don't work hard to "recharge" yourself, you may just be stuck in a dilemma.


02. Streamlining and refining, if you're good at 1, you have to work hard to be good 10

In today's society, there is a very important concept called "Break Off".

Cut out everything that is not necessary, give up the nonsense, leave the worthless friends. Streamlining and refining should start from the surrounding things and events. After that, you will find your life greatly enhanced.

Sometimes, it's not "more is better", but the essence of everything is "less is better". "Many" or "little" is not a matter of quantity, it is a matter of essence.

In life, it is only when we pursue the best that we grow better and better. Thus, giving up unnecessary people and things can improve the quality of an individual's life. The word good 1 part must strive to be better than 10 parts.


03. Control your lust, don't exhaust your body

In middle age, the body will become more and more aging, the physical condition will gradually decrease. We can't change this trend, but we can slow down the decline.

What needs to be done is to "control" personal desires and desires, do not let greed overwhelm reason, and then harm yourself.

Normally, people's desires mainly focus on two aspects, one is the desire for love, the other is the desire for money, fame and wealth. The first desire affects the stability of the family and the mental energy of each person. The second desire can dominate and lead us astray. Therefore, in any respect, we must follow the principle of “appropriateness”.

Anything too much will also lead to overdraft. Just enough to last for a long time.


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