Fashion Nova Offers New Generations of Shoppers Equal Representation

Fashion Nova, a Los-Angeles based fashion retailer, has become a household name among the younger generation. The top-rated fashion brand opened an e-commerce store in 2013, seven years after its establishment.

Richard Saghian, the company’s founder and CEO, had learned the emerging needs and preferences of his customers before diving into the online marketplace. Saghian, who had worked at his father’s store during summer holidays, had observed and understood what clients look for in outfits.

Therefore, Fashion Nova quickly earned the reputation of being one of the most-searched-for fashion and lifestyle companies. It is also an online retailer that is popular among millennials and Gen Z due to several reasons.

These include:

Size Diversity

When Fashion Nova hit the online market space, one of its priorities was to meet the diverse needs of its customers. Among its strategies to conquer the new marketplace was to make outfits that targeted customers with a wide array of body shapes and sizes. Hence, the leading fashion brand wanted not only to satisfy the shoppers’ fashion needs but to promote a positive body image.

In 2016, the reputable fashion brand launched a new clothesline, Fashion Nova Curve, to reach an untapped section of the population. The targeted customers included curvy women who’d been left out by other brands. The new outfits were more flexible to various body shapes and sizes and still affordable.

Fashion Nova has been releasing numerous outfits of varying styles and sizes every week. The leading fashion brand understands that its customers have different body shapes, sizes, and preferences, hence, it goes the extra mile to meet the individual needs of these customers.

Fashion Nova also knows that the new generation of shoppers are drawn to brands that promote inclusivity and equal representation. Therefore, these young generations of consumers are easily attracted to the Fashion Nova fashion brand.

Ethnic Inclusivity

The top-rated fashion brand also incorporates diverse models to pose in its outfits. You will find beautiful models of all body shapes and sizes donning Fashion Nova outfits on the brand’s Instagram posts. Such inclusivity is quite appealing to the young generation of shoppers.

Affordable Outfits

Fashion Nova is aware that the current shoppers are looking for affordability as they want to always keep up with the latest styles. Millennials and Gen Z, for instance, are into posting photos of themselves in various outfits daily. Hence, they go for fashion retailers that sell new styles frequently, but at a reasonable price.

Marketing Strategy

After becoming an e-commerce store, Fashion Nova dived into Instagram marketing. This strategy attracted the new generation of shoppers who spend much of their time on social media.

The different celebrities that endorse Fashion Nova also have huge numbers of social media followers, including the new generation of shoppers. With their influence, the celebrities are able to use the social media platforms to market Fashion Nova to the young shoppers.

Therefore, by partnering with different celebrities, Fashion Nova has managed to sell its products to the younger generation.

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