How to Make a Clan in Destiny 2

A clan in Destiny 2 is a social group that engages with different activities in a coordinated way. It encourages long-term teamwork, both by helping players stay in touch and by providing concrete incentives for fighting alongside your clanmates. Although you can solo much of the shooter’s content, having a team is necessary if you are to fully experience the endgame. Clans are a reliable framework in which to do so. Making your own clan is not for everyone, but it gives you the most control over your experience. Keep reading to find out exactly why you may want a clan and how you can make one.

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Why Make a Clan?

The main advantage of a properly-organized clan is the ability to find Fireteams for various activities with relative ease. Features like the private clan forum and the ability to use up to six exclusive chat channels support coordination in and out of the game. Guided Games let clan members match up with solo players in Normal difficulty raids and similar content. The clan’s founder has the most say in the use of those features as well as membership. In general, it is an appealing proposition for those who like to organize their fellow players or have strong preferences regarding teamwork.

Completing certain activities with a Fireteam in which half or more paritcipants are clan members can result in extra rewards. Weekly clan bounties using this system let the clan earn XP that goes towards unlocking perks. Those perks last all season and offer boons like increased loot to those who equip the Clan Banner item. Every week, appropriate Fireteams can play through a Crucible match, a Nightfall strike, a Raid, and a Trials of Osiris session. All players in the clan receive a Clan Engram for each of these activities, using them to acquire Powerful rewards.

How to Make a Clan?

Anyone can make a clan provided their Bungie account is at least 30 days old, or they have a character that reached the Tower in the game. The clan creation process goes as follows:

  1. Log in to your account through the official Destiny 2 website or on the companion app (Android; iOS) in-game;
  2. Go to the Clans page or tab;
  3. Click the “Create Clan” button;
  4. Write in your clan’s profile details, including a full name, a short name (four letters that appear next to member character names), a motto (optional), and a mission statement;
  5. Make an image for your banner by putting together the available elements in the designer (like the colors and the symbol used);
  6. Choose an official language for the clan;
  7. Assign initial settings for security, permissions, and enrollment;
  8. Click the “Create Clan” button again to finish setting up the clan.

You will need to add at least one other person to your Destiny clan before it can become fully functional. After that, it will become visible to other players and become eligible for Clan XP progress. Enrollment settings will determine whether new members have to be invited or could join on request or following a review. Invitations may be relayed through the companion app or in the game. You can have up to 100 individual accounts in one clan. The cap is for players rather than characters.

To help you manage the clan, you will be able to promote some members to admin status and give them certain powers. For example, they could alter the banner design, invite or ban members, and add or modify chat channels. However, only the clan founder could modify the core settings or appoint admins. You may transfer the founder role to one of the admins if you wish. That would allow you to leave the clan and perhaps join or start another. If you decide to delete the clan, that can be done if everyone leaves or is kicked from it.

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