Make Your Tuck Top Mailer Boxes Famous and Popular

Mailer boxes with excellent durability and secure fancy tops are high in demand.  If you are also looking for strong, sturdy mailer boxes with secure tops then Tuck Top mailer boxes are with you. Tuck top mailer packaging has high security due to their tricky mechanism which is hard to open without the proper tricks. If you deal in fragile products or are concerned about the safety of your product during transportation then this kind of mailer packaging is for you.

Different kinds of packaging materials are used for making mailer packaging:

  • Corrugated boxes for getting stiff and strong mailer boxes
  • Kraft boxes (10pt to 28pt) eco-friendly solution for eco-friendly mailer boxes
  • Cardboard boxes for the best and affordable packaging
  • Bux boxes as eco-friendly solution or for less expensive solution
  • E-flute

Custom tuck top mailer packaging is complimentary to your brand image:

Custom packaging is considered to be an excellent choice for increasing brand popularity. It gives you the flexibility to use tuck top mailer boxes for a range of products in your warehouse. Mailer packaging is very famous due to the fact that it provides security against wastage. Other than this, mailer packaging ensures that your product reaches the destination safe and sound.

Custom truck top boxes are made with custom printing. Utilizing the best printing offers will help you in achieving the best of packaging for these boxes. Custom Tuck Top mailer packaging can be printed with brand logo as well as brand name in the following coloring models

  • CMYX (used in print media. There is a wide variety of colors in it. You can choose from them according to your need and then see that good quality ink is used.
  • PMS model is used for graphic designing of your packaging on the computer screen. It offers you a wide variety of colors to choose from as well.

For the lamination of the custom tuck top mailer packaging, you have three options to choose for:

  • Spot UV to protect your packaging from harmful radiations and UV rays.
  • Gloss to give it a very shiny and glossy feel. It will help in improving the over-all look of your product.
  • Matt is for the ultimate, elegant look of your product for sure.

Find the premium quality of Tuck top mailer packaging

Quality of your product packaging plays an ultimate role in boosting the sales of your product. There are two types of quality that you can choose from.

  1. Excellent quality
  2. No quality

Buy tuck top mailer box packaging at wholesale prices from online manufacturers

There are manufacturers such as Boxes Xpert Hub or Unique Custom Boxes that offer you excellent mailer packaging at wholesale rates. You can easily save your cost with these premium quality packaging and benefit from their custom deals as well. If you visit their website you can find 24 hours customer service to benefit from.

Eco-friendly Tuck top mailer boxes can help you support your CSR claim

“Tuck top mailer boxes also come in eco-friendly packaging. These are very secure and sturdy. Eco-friendly boxes also win the support of your customers and you get to have an excellent brand image that gives a competitive edge.”

Tuck top mailer box packaging will take you a long way

We encourage you to invest in Tuck Top mailer boxes. This is because it is indeed one of a kind box packaging. Sturdy and top-notch, tuck top mailer box will keep your products safe and secure while delivery. Majority of the brand use Tuck Top mailer boxes to deliver products. Custom packaging will further help you in increasing the brand recognition of your company and attract customers. Colored mailer boxes are also quite famous. They will aid you in increasing brand awareness for sure. Investing in Tuck Top mailer boxes is always a good idea. This will reduce product wastage which will lead to saving cost and reducing customer complaints. Furthermore, it will also increase the customer satisfaction for sure.

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