Planning to buy your first bike? Here's the guide you can follow

When it comes to talking about the Indian youth, a huge mass possesses a dream of owning a bike. However, very few among them actually acquire proper knowledge about motorbikes and their driving preferences. Moreover, many are not aware of the various details associated with every bike. All that interests the youths are the look of the bike.

If you are currently thinking to buy your first motorcycle, make sure to consider certain aspects as it can ensure that you buy the right bike. Some facts related to motorbikes are given below that can act as guidance for you when buying a new bike.

Facts to consider while buying your first bike

To buy an old bike or a new one

If you are in a phase of learning how to ride a bike, it can be best for you to buy an old bike initially. In India, you can get a learner’s license and keep practicing the ways to ride a bike. It will be better for you to pass the driving test with the old bike itself. Afterward, you can invest in buying a new bike from the best bike brands in India when your license is sanctioned.

 Consider the budget

The primary thing that you need to consider while planning to buy a new bike is the budget. In India, there are different types of bikes available that are convenient for different uses. You can choose from city bikes, racing bikes, adventure bikes, and sports bikes according to your driving preferences.


Remember that all other types of bikes apart from the city variants can carry higher costs. However, you can get financing options when purchasing.

Height of bike

Try looking into the height of the bike before you finalize buying it. Always try choosing the bikes that have lesser height as it becomes comfortable both for the driver and pillion to ride it. On the other hand, riding a bike having more height might be a tough job for one who has newly learned how to ride it.

Engine configurations

You should have proper research and compare several bikes when it comes to choosing one that has the best engine configuration. If you desire to go for long rides on your bike, try to choose one having a higher CC. Along with the engine, you should also check the average mileage it can give you on the highway as well as city roads


Tyres are one of the vital things that you should look into when buying your first bike. In general, all the city bikes come with alloy wheels. You can get solid tyres on adventure bikes and a sports bike. If you desire, you can opt for customising the bike types and outlook. However, customization can negatively affect the mileage of the bike.

A person should always go through different options before finalizing to buy a particular bike. You can visit to check different bikes and their features. Therefore, know the facts well and then opt for one.








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