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CakeBoost is a company that offers boosting services for popular multiplayer games such as World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, and League of Legends. Those services range from finishing quests or farming resources to training players during coaching sessions. However, they all share the same purpose: making the player experience in a game more enjoyable by saving them time and delivering expert assistance. CakeBoost’s TrustPilot page has received hundreds of player reviews since it was started  in 2017. The bulk of them attest to CakeBoost being a trustworthy and reliable company. Read this article to learn more about CakeBoost and what makes it such a success in the eyes of its clients.

CakeBoost’s Boosting Services

CakeBoost began offering in-game services in 2015 and shows no sign of slowing down. Over the years, it brought its services to newer games like Fortnite and Valorant (or more recently, New World and Final Fantasy XIV).

Meanwhile, older popular titles are not neglected. More boosting options appear in response to major content updates. Existing services are frequently retooled to better serve customer needs. One of CakeBoost’s main advantages is undoubtedly its experience and the ability to learn from it to improve its service quality. Another is access to an extensive and still growing pool of gaming talent specializing in different games.

Here are a few examples of the services that you can get from CakeBoost:

  1. Playing through story or repeatable quests;
  2. Farming for in-game currencies and other rewards;
  3. Progressing to a required rank in ranked ladder multiplayer or competitive PvP;
  4. Completing runs in instances such as dungeons and raids as well as any bonus objectives requested by they the client;
  5. Fulfilling challenges to earn achievements or unlock cosmetics;
  6. Advancing a character to a certain level and acquiring or unlocking gear and other things needed to compete in more advanced activities and areas;
  7. Coaching that can help with any aspect of gameplay, from character builds and weapons to PvP tactics.

What Are CakeBoost’s Strengths?

CakeBoost boasts a number of crucial advantages that help it stand out among the competition:

Security: Client confidentiality and privacy is completed through HTTPS encryption, the use of VPN, and various boosting best practices. CakeBoost’s boosters do everything themselves, without relying on cheats or third-party services or programs that may compromise client accounts;

Support: CakeBoost has a professional customer support team that may be reached at any time through site chat, e-mail, Discord, Skype, and Telegram. Members of the support team are qualified to consult potential clients on every aspect of the service;

Prices: CakeBoost’s pricing is highly competitive. Furthermore, prices may be lowered by using return customer bonuses, discounted package deals, and/or special offers;

Professionalism: All boosters undergo rigorous testing before they can become CakeBoost employees. They are both elite players and responsible professionals. CakeBoost makes sure to assign the most suitable boosters to each order, depending on their specialties;

Flexibility: CakeBoost’s services are highly modular, allowing you to pick just the options you need. It is also possible to make special requests or even ask for custom boosts. Many services have a selfplay option, allowing customers to play alongside boosters instead of entrusting their account to someone else.

What The Customers Are Saying

CakeBoost’s customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Most reviews on TrustPilot emphasize the following points:

  1. The company manages to deliver the results exactly as promised on its website site;
  2. Boosts are typically completed within the estimated time or faster;
  3. In selfplay boosts, the players are professional and easy to work with, often going out of their way to help clients enjoy the boost;
  4. Boosters, coaches and support staff are all unfailingly courteous and professional. They communicate efficiently and clearly;
  5. The support team is highly responsive and helpful, providing detailed information on boosts and resolving any problems quickly;
  6. The prices are affordable and often lower than those of competing companies.
  7. All in all, those reviews seem to confirm the success of CakeBoost’s client-centered strategy and reinforce the impression that it can be trusted.

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